They recorded two shark attacks in less than 24 hours on a beach in northern Brazil.

The beach of devotionin the metropolitan area of ​​Recife, northeast of Brazilrecorded two shark attacks on people in the past 24 hours, authorities reported Monday.

The most recent attack occurred on Monday when a young woman was bitten on various parts of her body by a shark and, according to the Recife Restoration Hospital, part of one of his arms was amputated.

The attack happened less than 500 meters from the one that happened on Sunday, while a 14 year old boy was bitten and his leg also had to be amputated, in an event that also occurred in Piedade beach, located in the municipality of Jaboatão dos Guararapes.

With these two attacks, they rise to three records for people injured by shark bites in the metropolitan area of ​​Recife in the last two weeks.

The area has been declared by the authorities to be in a critical situation and at risk of further shark attacks.
The area has been declared by the authorities to be in a critical situation and at risk of further shark attacks.

The first attack took place on February the neighboring town of Olinda, when a shark attacked a surfer, who survived the bites of the animal.

The Regional Committee for Monitoring Shark Incidents (CEMIT, for its acronym in Portuguese) told EFE that the specialists of the entity “analyze” the two cases and the “short interval” that the recent attacks have had.

The agency pointed out that 36 kilometers of beaches located between the municipalities of Olinda and Jaboatão dos Guararapes, passing through Recife, the regional capital, They were declared in “critical situation” and “at risk of further attacks”.

The governor of Pernambuco, Raquel Lyra, visited on Monday the three survivors of the attacks, hospitalized in the same reference hospital, and announced measures to “intensify actions”, starting with the resumption of scientific investigations, suspended since 2015.

Despite the shark attack warning signs at 150 points in the metropolitan area of ​​Recife, people continue to visit the places and many enter the sea in defiance of warnings.

In total, the state of Pernambuco – of which Recife is the capital – has recorded 77 shark attacks since 1992, including 10 in the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, located some 550 kilometers from the mainland coast.

(With information from EFE)

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