Ingrid Mabel Nieves, sister of the young Cuban Cristian San Martín – barely 19 years old – who was assassinated in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, a few meters from the border with the United States, spoke on behalf of her entire family and pointed to the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) as guilty of the events.

In accordance with Telemundo 51, Ingrid indicated that UNHCR took too long to provide assistance and aid to his brother, who had been in Mexico for a long time waiting for political asylum.

“What need was there for that if my brother could have been here with me a long time ago? Because on the list it would have been his turn to have entered when the 2019 men entered, and you left him there, at the mercy of God,” says the victim’s sister.

She stated that on several occasions he informed UNHCR that the young Cuban was in danger in Mexico, but the agency did not heed his warnings.

“The man who fired those shots at my brother is as much to blame as the UNHCR. I once said to them: what are you going to expect? What kill it for me? And so it happened,” says Mabel.

She indicated that although he knows that his brother “no one is going to give him back to me” he asks the Mexican authorities to carry out a serious investigation “because someone has to pay for it. “Because this cannot remain like this, unpunished,” says Ingrid Mabel Nieves.

Murder of a young Cuban in Mexico

The young Cuban murdered in Mexico waited since 2019 on the border with the United States for his political asylum case to be attended to.

He lived in Nogales, but five days before his murder, he traveled to Ciudad Juárez, because he was “about” to cross into the United States.

His uncle, who resides in the United States, went to Mexico to accompany him and was there at the time he was shot.

“I come to try to protect him from this very thing. So that this same thing would not happen, I always did, for all the time he was in Mexico. And that this is going to happen, I don’t believe it yet, ”said the victim’s uncle.

He details that both were sitting on the bench in front of the hotel where they were staying, a few meters from the border bridge. “And for now, someone out of nowhere came and fired. I didn’t even see it, I don’t know what happened or why it happened ”.

UNHCR responds

For its part, the UN agency condemned the murder of the young Cuban in Mexico through its social networks and confirmed an “exhaustive” investigation into the homicide.

“We trust that the authorities will investigate thoroughly to clarify this unfortunate event.”

While this is happening, the family in Cuba is requesting help for the transfer of the body to the island.

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