A young businessman was released | VIDEO: ATV

Alex Federico Meza A 23-year-old boy was abducted outside the door of his house in the neighborhood of Santiago de Surco, This morning of February 23. The young man arrived home in his car with his girlfriend, when they got out they were surprised by these criminals, who transferred him to a black vehicle.

However, at around 6 p.m. it was reported that he had been released and was in good health. The young man was kidnapped at 1:20 a.m. According to initial police statements, they let him go home under pressure from the media.

More details will be provided at a press conference in the coming hours. Likewise, the ATV reporter confirmed that the young man arrived alone and opened the door with his own keys. Then the authorities arrived with his mother to take his testimony.

They release a young businessman who has been kidnapped.  Photo: MTB
They release a young businessman who has been kidnapped. Photo: MTB

In the morning, María Fernanda, in love with the victim, approached the Depincri of the municipality to make her make her statements, since she witnessed the event. Similarly, we learned that the young businessman had been receiving threats for several months.

“We came back from a meeting with friends. We went to eat in a chicken coop in Surquillo, we came back and there was no one on the street, there was no movement. We park, and as I turn around, I hear him being taken away. I managed to see a black car and two people,” the woman said.

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