A new species of insect discovered in a cave in western Serbia by a group of biologists has been named as ‘Duvalius djokovici’, in honor of the best Serbian tennis player and former world number one Novak Djokovic.

Serbian public television RTS reported that the insect has been discovered by a group of researchers from the University of Belgrade in a cave on Mount Povlen, near the city of Ljubovija, about 160 kilometers west of the capital.

The insect “He is a predator in the underground environment as Djokovic is figuratively on the tennis court”, as explained by biologists, fans of the tennis player whom they consider “the best in history and one of the most dominant world athletes of all time”.

They point out that Djokovic and the new bug “share speed, strength, elasticity, perseverance and the ability to sustain themselves in a cruel environment,” RTS explained.

‘Duvalius djokovici’ is a very old species, tiny, blind and depigmented, with long legs and antennae, and it feeds on other animals that inhabit the Simina cave, the only one in the world where it can be found.

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