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They asked for preventive detention for Carolina Píparo’s husband accused of double attempted murder

Juan Ignacio Buzali is in custody accused of the attempted double homicide of two motorcyclists (Aglaplata)

The prosecutor Eugenia Di Lorenzo, of UFI N ° 17 of La Plata, requested this Monday the preventive detention for Juan Ignacio Buzali, the husband of the provincial deputy and civil servant Carolina Píparo, who is currently arrested and charged with trying to kill two motorcyclists who were run over on January 1 last confusing them with motorcycle jets that had previously assaulted them.

Judicial sources close to the file confirmed Infobae that the request was made this morning. Now it will be in the hands of the Guarantee Judge who understands the case, Marcela garmendia, who must resolve within a period of no more than five days if Buzali, charged with the crime of “attempted homicide” against two victims, remains in detention or is released.

In recent days, Buzali was subjected to psychological tests in the section of forensic doctors of the headquarters of the Expert Advice. His defense attorney, Marcelo Peña, who took office after the departure of Fernando Burlando and his firm, maintained that “That expertise and the psychiatric department have already been incorporated into the cause” and detailed at the time that he would ask Judge Garmendia to carry out an oral hearing prior to the issuance of preventive detention that will expire this Tuesday, February 9.

In addition Peña detailed to the agency Telam that it will request the change of qualification of the case and the domiciliary arrest of the accused after presentations of the previous defenders who did not prosperand that he added to the case an accident investigation carried out by a party expert who revealed that the attack on the motorcycle “was with a final speed of 25 kilometers per hour and with that speed it is impossible for Buzali to have intentions to kill.”

Carolina Píparo and Matías Píparo, her brother, accompanied by their lawyer Fernando Burlando, give testimonial statements before the prosecutor Di Lorenzo. La Plata 01/19/2020 photo: Eva Cabrera

Carolina Píparo and Matías Píparo, her brother, accompanied by their lawyer Fernando Burlando, give testimonial statements before the prosecutor Di Lorenzo. La Plata 01/19/2020 photo: Eva Cabrera 

In your investigatory statement, Buzali affirmed that “what happened was a misfortune and an accident”, that he never wanted to hurt anyone, and that at the time of the event he was “nervous, overwhelmed and fearful”, but not angry or drunk. For the prosecutor, the husband of the provincial legislator He was driving at “full speed”, he charged “squarely” at the victims without “any dodging maneuver” being noticed.

During the early morning of January 1, Píparo reported having been assaulted by three pairs of “motochorros” on Calle 47, between 15 and 16, when Buzali parked to drop off his dad at his house after the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

According to the legislator’s account –that in July 2010 she was the victim of a bank leak in which she was shot and lost an eight-month pregnancy When she was on her way with her husband to file a complaint for the theft aboard her black Fiat 500L with a white roof, they were again intercepted by those who they believed they were the same criminals who had robbed them.

Judge Marcela Garmendia, who has already rejected two releases, must resolve the preventive detention of Buzali (Aglaplata)

On 21st and 40th streets, Buzali collided from behind with one of the motorcycles in which two young men were traveling, who were then thrown on the ground. The couple left in the car without assisting the two crew members of the motorcycle: a 23-year-old boy identified as Luis Lavalle and a 17-year-old adolescent, who were injured.

At the request of the prosecutor Di Lorenzo, Buzali was arrested last January 9, accused of the “attempted double homicide” of both motorcyclists. In the resolution, Judge Marcela Garmendia referred in harsh terms to the events that Píparo and her husband carried out and assured that Buzali acted “regardless of the consequences of his actions and with clear contempt for the lives of others and the result of death must be represented”.

For now, Buzali remains detained at the Pettinato de La Plata Alcaidía.

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