A man dressed as a clown was arrested by SSC elements at the GAM town hall after assaulting a person. (@c4jimenez)

On March 11, officials from the Secretariat for Citizen Security (CSS) of Mexico (CDMX), arrested a man in possession of a sharp object and managed to recover money. A few moments earlier, citizens had filed a complaint for assault in the streets of the Tlacamaca district, City Hall of Gustavo A. Madero.

The events occurred when, through the operators of the Northern Command and Control Center (C-2), police officers in the field were alerted to an injured person at the corner of Avenida Insurgentes Norte with Poniente 112, for which they immediately went to the place indicated. place. .

At the scene, officers located a 43-year-old man, who had an acute injury to his right arm and reported that moments before, while walking down a public road, a subject wearing orange pants, a gray shirt and clown makeupintercepted him and with a knife-like object injured him and took his things.

Officers then requested medical services to treat the injured person, who presented a deep wound about seven centimeters, without requiring transfer to a hospital and was treated by ambulance.

The man injured his victim's arm with a machete.  (@c4jimenez)
The man injured his victim’s arm with a machete. (@c4jimenez)

During this time, officers patrolled the area to track the subject with the characteristics provided. It was then that, in coordination with the C2 Norte monitors, they located the accused on Insurgentes Norte Avenue, at the height of the Metro paddock. Subject attempted to flee at full speed while boarding the subway, but was eventually arrested.

SSC staff they got machete and money mentioned, which belonged to the affected party, which requested to sue legally against him. both the man disguised as a clown with the edged weapon, they have already been presented to the agent of the prosecution.

The characterization that the aggressor bore was not that of a vulgar clown, It was about Joker. One of the well-known villains from the Batman comics and movies since in the story he is his main enemy. His physical appearance is characterized by a disfigured face, painted white skin, hair dyed green, and red lips.

In this case, the man who walked the streets of the GAM town hall of CDMX with a machete in his hand, had black dreadlocks, a little beard, was dressed in a worn jacket, orange pants and black boots. In this direction, the character of the Joker has a strong symbolism that he probably tried to pick up the topic by disguising himself that way. He is also known as the Joker and represents the injustice and misery that exists in today’s society.

01/22/2018 Heath Ledger played the first Joker in The Dark Knight.  CULTURAL SOCIETY WARNER BROS.
01/22/2018 Heath Ledger played the first Joker in The Dark Knight. CULTURAL SOCIETY WARNER BROS.

It should be noted that in 2019 a film about the Joker was released, the direction and production was in charge of Todd Phillips. The protagonist was Joaquin Phoenix, but during the premiere of the film there was great controversy since the bitter memory of the shooting that took place in 2012 remained in society.

It was released in theaters that year. Batman: The Dark Knight Risesa launch marked by a fatal event known today as the The Aurora massacre of 2012. It was a case of mass murder that occurred on Friday, July 20 of that year during the film’s premiere in Aurora County. It was an armed robbery in a cinema 16th centuryin which there was a total death toll of twelve dead and fifty-nine others wounded.

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