Two men who assaulted a Didi flatbed driver at knifepoint were sentenced to two years and four months in prison, reported the Northern District Prosecutor’s Office, through a press release.

They are Jonathan S., and Rodolfo Israel RG, who face charges for the crime of qualified robbery, it was indicated.

The control judge familiar with the criminal case issued the sentence in a special abbreviated procedure based on the evidence offered by the agent of the Public Ministry, where the criminal responsibility of those now sentenced for criminal acts that occurred on April 12, 2022.

The ministerial investigation established that on that day Jonathan S., and Rodolfo Israel RG, requested the transportation service through the digital platform, boarded the vehicle in the Aztecas neighborhood and upon reaching the intersection of Comitecos and Mayas streets in the same neighborhood They threatened the driver with a knife to rob him of his cell phone and 1,500 pesos in cash, and then get out of the car and flee the place, it was indicated.

On April 15, 2022, inside the local CERESO, where they were being held for another crime, they were notified of the arrest warrants issued against them for the aforementioned crimes, the statement said.

In addition to the custodial sentence that they will purge in the State Cereso number 3, they were sentenced to pay the amount of 24 thousand pesos for damage reparation.

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