In the background, there is room: Peter suffers a seizure when he discovers that Claudia Llanos is alive. | American television.

The involvement of Adolfo Chuman would have ended “Down there is room”, this is how we saw it in today’s chapter, Wednesday 15 March. And it is that Peter suffered a stroke when he saw that Claudia Llanos was not dead.

The former butler Francesca Maldini was encouraged to investigate Diego Montalban without imagining that he would be surprised. It all started when he followed the chef to the apartment where he had his love affair with ‘Victoria’.

Once he locates the place, Peter waits for Diego to come out so he can enter more comfortably. This is how he comes to the property, although he begins to wonder if what he was doing was something legal.

As he prepares to leave the premises, Pierre hears the voice of Claudia Plains, who tells him not to move, while being pointed at with a gun. Upon learning that “Shark’s Eye” is alive, best friend Don Gilberto begins to suffer a heart attack.

While repeating “it’s not possible” several times, the faithful companion of ‘Civil’ he tightens his chest and starts to fade, it is a clear hint that due to the strong shock he received, his heart stopped working.

Claudia Llano, seeing the scene, realizes that she does not need to shoot him to end his life and drops him to the ground saying that no one can know that he is still alive, because he plans to take revenge on francesca.


Because he argued with Rock and mistreated him francesca He decides to call him to apologize for his attitude, however, he never answers the phone and Claudia Llano realizes this detail, so she decides to turn off Peter’s cell phone.

Don Gilberto also begins to show concern for his friend, as he had never left the house without saying where he was going. So he starts calling her, but he doesn’t get an answer, except that the phone is off.

Finally, so that no one suspects his disappearance, Claudia Plains uses Peter’s phone and sends farewell messages to Peter francesca y Don Gilbertoin which he tells that he will go to the United States to be at the side of his son Manolo.

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