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The Vatican vaccinated against the coronavirus today 25 poor housed in assistance centers managed by the Holy See during the vaccination campaign that began on January 13.

This morning, in the atrium of the Paul VI Hall, while the vaccination plan of the Vatican City State continues, a first group of around 25 people permanently housed in the assistance and residence structures of the apostolic charity received the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Other groups will follow in the coming days”, Announced the Vatican spokesman, Matteo Bruni.

The inoculations were supervised by the cardinal Konrad Krajewski, 57, the Polish head of the office of papal charities, who has taken on a personal leadership role in caring for the homeless of Rome. About 25 homeless people who are cared for in the office-run facilities received their first dose, and more groups will be vaccinated in the coming days, according to a statement.

Under the administration of the current Pope, the Vatican has established a series of structures to help the homeless population of Rome, including a clinic, bathroom facilities, and hairdressing and haircutting services.

On January 13, on the first day that the Vatican State began its vaccination campaign among its inhabitants and employees, they were also vaccinated on Pope Francisco and the Pontiff Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski oversees the inoculation of the homeless (Reuters)

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski oversees the inoculation of the homeless. 

Francisco received the first dose of vaccine Pfizer in the classroom atrium Paul VI, which has been conditioned for the vaccination campaign, and in three weeks he will receive the second, like the pope emeritus.

The Health and Hygiene Directorate of the Vatican City already anticipated that they had reserved about 10,000 vaccines from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer for 3,000 employees and about 800 residents of the State.

Vaccination in the Vatican

In a recent interview, Pope Francis, 84, had anticipated that he would be vaccinated. “I believe that ethically everyone has to get vaccinated. It is an ethical option because it concerns your life but also that of others”, He had highlighted. Finally, the Pontiff was inoculated on January 13.

The week before, the pope’s personal physician, Fabrizzio Socorsi, had died of complications due to COVID-19. Soccorsi, 78, was admitted to the hospital Agostino Gemelli of Roma since December 26 due to an oncological pathology (cancer), but the cause of death was due to the complication of pneumonia caused by COVID-19.

Socorsi had been chosen as Francisco’s personal physician in 2015, when he was a consultant for the Vatican’s Directorate of Health and Hygiene and emeritus director of Hepatology at the San Camilo Hospital in Rome. According to the profile spread by the Holy See, Soccorsi, born in Rome, graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome in 1968 and has developed a “broad professional and educational activity”.

He has also directed the department of liver, digestive and nutritional diseases of the Department of Internal Medicine and was a specialist at the Hospital de San Camilo Forlanini, in the Italian capital. He has also taught Immunology classes at the Hospital Médica Hospital in Rome and the Lazio Region.. ACI press He recalled that in May 2017, the Pope wanted me to be with him when he placed two bouquets of white roses in front of the image of the Virgin of Fatima during his visit to this Shrine in Portugal.

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