The trick to have a better chance of winning the EuroMillions

The trick to have a better chance of winning the EuroMillions

The Euromillions returns this Friday, March 19 with an attractive jackpot of 86 million euros. However, the probability that a person has to win this large sum of money is only one among 139,838,160. For this reason, some participants resort to tricks that increase these possibilities, even if this means receiving less money.

As collected Information, one of the tricks recommended by experts is to play in a group. There have been several cases in which unions or EuroMillions clubs have made the biggest jackpot and have it shared.

The mechanism is bettors paying money weekly or monthly to be able to buy more tickets or place multiple bets. Thus, there are more chances of winning. For example, if the group is made up of ten people, the probability becomes of one between 13.983.816.

Continuing with the assumption that the group is made up of ten people, and taking this Friday’s award as a reference, each member would win 8.6 million euros. Although it is true that the amount of the prize is significantly reduced, it is still a more than striking figure.

How to form EuroMillions clubs

We can create the clubs to play the Euromillions with our group of friends, but also online. There are some pages to make them in a very simple and fast way, choosing the number of participants and the money to bet.

Some of them are Hispaloto, Lotopia The LotteryWeb, which allows multiple bets through clubs with discounts if the payment of several consecutive draws is regularized. You can also bet in a group only for a draw.

The rock that won with this trick

Although the chances are still small, there are those who have won the EuroMillions by following this trick.

On July 7, 2020, a rock of 14 friends of Mayorga (Valladolid) won more than 144 million euros. The group consisted of hoteliers, owners of a workshop, a slaughterhouse and retirees. The ticket was stamped in the Receiving Office number 84,030 located at number 7 of the Plaza España in this town.

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