Authorities found the woman’s body inside her home and showed signs of abuse. (Special)

During this Thursday, the authorities of the State of Sound they found the body of Anna Elisa inside your home hermosillofor which they announced that they would open an investigation under the femicide protocol.

The woman was found dead inside her home in the neighborhood San Marcos, located northeast of the city of hermosillo. Elements of the municipal police of Hermosillo were the first responders and those who made the discovery.

De acuerdo con los informees preliminares, la familia de la mujer de 33 años, tuvo contacto con ella por última vez el pasado 12 de marzo través de mensajes en donde les comments que estaba regresando su casa tras un viaje a la playa Durante el weekend.

The authorities indicated that he would have left with some friends, but did not specify who they were, so they will investigate all the events surrounding the death of Ana Eliza.

In light of the facts, the investigative trilogy of the Sonora State Attorney General (COUNTRY) processed the scene to gather enough evidence to allow the case to be resolved and to find the persons or person responsible.

Likewise, through their social networks, they announced that she would be investigated as a femicide, both because of the protocol and because her body showed signs of violence.

On the other hand, on March 14, the Legislative Analysis Branch of the Belisario Dominguez Institute (IBD) conducted an analysis in which it found that between 2015 and 2022, 27 thousand 133 girls and women were murdered. That is to say that they made on average annually 3 thousand 876 cases.

They also indicated that only 6 million 689 cases were classified as femicides, while 20,444 were investigated as intentional homicides.

It also states that of the more than 27,000 homicides, 78.2% (21,229) were exercised against women over the age of 18; 8% (2 thousand 166) were minors and 13.8% (3 thousand 738) have no defined age.

Femicide in Mexico.  Image: GlobeLiveMedia Mexico / Jovani Pérez
Femicide in Mexico. Image: GlobeLiveMedia Mexico / Jovani Pérez

It should be noted that on February 15, in Empalme, the FGJE Sonora found the body of Mario Alberto BM, alias Cricketwho was wanted for various crimes in the state of Chihuahuaspecifically, for femicides of five women.

He was identified by his fingerprints using the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). Mario Alberto was 34 years old and originally from Delicias, Chihuahua.

Since 2021, in the city of Cuauhtémoc, he was under investigation by the authorities of Chihuahua for the crimes of femicide, attempted murder there aggravated rapefor which four arrest warrants had been issued.

In the state of Sonora, they found a dead Chihuahua femicide (Chihuahua district attorney's office)
In the state of Sonora, they found a dead Chihuahua femicide (Chihuahua district attorney’s office)

The Specialized Prosecutor for Women and the Family (FEM) Occidente established that the victims presented the same profile and belonged to the Tarahumara ethnic group.

The above by the victims identified as Alicia AC, Maria ESG, Miriam A., Daudelia RT and another woman whose identity has not been established.

His body was found on the railway tracks of Empalme in the southeast of the entity on February 6 and seven days later it was possible to obtain an identification.

According to the Chihuahua District Attorney’s Office, Cricket, reportedly arrived at dawn on February 6 at an address where he argued with three subjects who were consuming alcoholic beverages. Pulling out a knife, the subjects took it from him and they deprived him of life.

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