The Uruguayan could be sanctioned with 4 or 12 games (AP)

The violent episode in which he played Federico Valverde with the Villarreal midfielder Alex Baena could wear a serious sanction for the footballer merengue after the National Anti-Violence Commission decided to transfer the case to the Competition Committee on Monday.

From now on, the organization appointed to pursue the investigation will have the medical report that the player yellow submarineas well as the complaint that he deposited in a police station in Castellon, and the report presented by the police who came on the scene.

With all this material on file, the Competition Committee He has to decide what will happen to the Uruguayan. It should be noted that the Valencian community club has never filed a formal complaint, however, the Committee must act as an obligation after receiving the case directly from Antiviolence.

As indicated by the main local media such as Brand there sportif the sanction is applied, Federico Valverde could stay off the pitch between 4 and 12 games. Research and results It could take at least a month and a half.

Baena appeared with a bruise on her face.

The medical part that Baena presented in her complaint states that suffered damage to the left cheekbone but that surgery or hospitalization was not necessary.

The competition committee will meet next Wednesday, April 19 and there They will work the case with trial attorney Carmen Pérez. In this case, statements will be collected from the parties involved in the episode.

Although the complaint is subject to criminal proceedings, it will depend on the decision of the agency. In the event of a finding of a benign nature, the penalty could end up being economic.

Recall that the Uruguayan midfielder of Real Madrid was involved in an incident in the parking lot of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, during the attack on Baena next to the Villarreal busafter a dive during the match resulting from the Copa del Rey match between the two teams.

According to some media, the reason for the attack was due to a verbal inconsideration of Baenareferring to a son of Fede Valverde after his wife’s pregnancy issues.

Understand the position of his footballer, Real Madrid fans chanted the Uruguayan’s name in the seconds before the start of the Champions League game against Chelsea and in the 15th minute, the one on his number. The player responded to the gesture by putting his hand over his heart.

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