The net profit of the 352 Brazilian companies with shares listed on the stock market fell 22.3% in the second quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021, according to a study released Tuesday by the TradeMap consultancy.

According to the consultancy, the combined liquid profit of Brazilian open capital companies fell from 193,375 million reais (about 37,916.7 million dollars at current exchange rates) in the second quarter of 2021 to 151,098 million reais (about 29,627 million dollars). dollars) between April and June of this year.

This drop was mainly attributed to external factors that impacted the Brazilian economy in the period, such as the war in Ukraine, the new restrictions in China due to the covid pandemic and the strong appreciation of the dollar against the real, which triggered the financial costs of the companies.

According to TradeMap, the drop in profit is greater if companies in the financial sector, whose profit grew significantly in the second quarter, are excluded from the final result.

Only taking into account non-financial open capital companies, the profit of Brazilian companies fell by 28.1%, from 166,793 million reais (about 32,704.5 million dollars) in the second quarter of last year to 119,988 million. reais (about 23,527 million dollars) in the same period this year.

This distortion was due to the fact that the profits of the 18 Brazilian banks with shares listed on the stock exchange jumped 12.7%, to 29,371 million reais (about 5,759 million dollars).

The consultant also made the calculation excluding four large companies with high profits in the period (Petrobras oil company, Vale mining company, Suzano paper company and Braskem petrochemical company) and concluded that the drop in profits of Brazilian publicly traded companies in the second quarter was 44.5%.

The profit of the 321 non-financial Brazilian companies, excluding the four mentioned, fell from 66,385 million reais (about 13,016.7 million dollars) in the second quarter of last year to 36,855.4 million reais (about 7,226, 5 million dollars) between April and June of this year.

This result excludes the record profit of 54,330 million reais (about 10,652.9 million dollars) obtained by Petrobras in the second quarter, which was 26.8% higher than the same quarter last year.

Despite the sharp drop in the profits of these 321 companies, their net income increased by 24.2% in the period.

According to those responsible for the study, taking into account this rise in sales, what happened was that the benefit was destroyed by the financial result.

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