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Madrid, Jan 20- The Prado Museum will undertake a reorganization of its collection during 2021, which will affect the European painting of the 18th century, the Goya rooms and the painting of the 20th century, the latter with a completely new and with more weight of women.

The objective of these renovations is, according to the director of the museum, Miguel Falomir, to have a “more inclusive” Prado. The remodel will increase the number of works by women and will also include works from historical periods and countries that have traditionally been outside the permanent collection.
The museum has made this decision driven by the success of “Reencuentro”, the exhibition of its collection that it prepared for the reopening after confinement by the pandemic and that concentrates its masterpieces in the great central vault.
The increase in more works by women is concentrated in the section of the nineteenth century and some of them will be new acquisitions, although no further details have been revealed.
In recent years, the Prado has been organizing exhibitions of women artists. Right now he has on the poster “Guests”, an exhibition on official art of the 19th and 20th centuries that delves into the discourse on the figure of women and that, despite its commitment, has been criticized by some feminist groups, who believe it should have been more ambitious.
Along the same lines, the Prado will create a specific research grant on women artists, thus becoming the first Spanish museum to do so, stressed Falomir, who has presented the institution’s programming for 2021.
The rooms dedicated to Goya, which currently number three, will also undergo modifications, such as the incorporation of European works. At the moment, the project to unify them in a single area is blocked due to the lack of space, but when the Hall of Kingdoms is inaugurated – which is planned for 2025 – a deeper reorganization will be considered.

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