The Police arrest one of the most wanted drug traffickers in Europe in a Barcelona urbanization

The Police arrest one of the most wanted drug traffickers in Europe in a Barcelona urbanization

The fugitive, known as DEC, is considered a “high value target” and is part of the EU Most Wanted, the list of most persecuted criminals on the continent.

Agents of the National Police have arrested EK, alias DEC , in Barcelona , one of the most wanted fugitives in Europe who was part of the EU MOST WANTED , the list published by EUROPOL that includes more than a hundred dangerous fugitives from the continent. The detainee, as GLM has learned from police sources, was considered by the Slovenian judicial authorities as a “high-value target.”

His fame in the criminal world stemmed from his role as a drug trafficker. According to the Slovenian authorities, DEC is involved in the transport of more than 300 kilos of heroin from Iran to Europe, for which he faces ten years in prison. The detainee lived with his family in a luxury urbanization in Barcelona, ​​which forced the agents to establish a surveillance device in complex conditions.

The operation has been carried out by the National Police in close collaboration with the Slovenian Police, with whom they had been exchanging information about the suspect for years. In his file, the two bodies house dozens of documents with their false identities that he used, the houses in which he had lived and the vehicles he had used. In the end, everything came together in a residential area next to a golf course, where he was arrested in an operation with two Slovenian police officers expressly dispatched to the scene.

In another different intervention, also carried out in Barcelona, ​​another fugitive claimed by Germany for his involvement in drug trafficking was arrested. At the time of his arrest, he reacted with great violence and caused various injuries to the members of the Corps. Both interventions have been developed within the framework of the ENFAST network – European Network of Fugitive Search Teams -.

Persecuted since 2019

The investigation to locate the fugitive began at the end of 2019, when Slovenia issued a European search and arrest warrant (OEDE) against DEC, one of the hundred most wanted fugitives on the continent. Thus, the body of agents specialized in locating fugitives of the National Police began to track him in Spain.

For his part, the events for which he was claimed occurred between March 2018 and May 2019 , when, along with four other people, he bought large quantities of drugs and organized their transportation from Iran to Slovenia. The method, in this case, was based on hiding 25 marked bags in a pack of 800 other ceramic adhesives. In there was a total of 302.3 kilograms of heroin that was transported from the port of Koper to a company warehouse.

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