Guillermo Lasso has received support from the OAS amid corruption charges against him. (REUTERS/Mayela Lopez)

There Organization of American States (OAS) asked this Sunday “respect for the stability of constitutional periods” in Ecuadorafter the National Assembly recommended the removal of the Ecuadorian president, Guillermo Lasso.

“The General Secretariat expresses the absolute importance of adherence to democratic institutions and respect for the stability of constitutional periods,” read a statement in which the OAS said it “is following the latest events” that have taken place in the Latin American country.

Thus, the agency urged political and social actors to “frame the resolution of their disputes within the constitutional context”, while reiterating the entity’s willingness to cooperate with Quito.

Lasso thanked the OAS for its statement “of unrestricted support for respect for democracy and political and institutional stability.” “Ecuadorians want stability in order to prosper,” the president said through a post on social media.


There National Assembly of Ecuador approved this saturday Report of one of the commissions charged with investigating the allegations acts of corruption of the President’s inner circle Guillermo Lasso and proposed impeachment for censure of the president.

The report on the case called “Meeting” -and also known as “Great Godfather”– obtained the green light with 104 votes for, out of the 125 members of the assembly present, and only 18 were against and three abstained, during the session which was open exclusively to the debate on the question raised by the Occasional Specialized Commission for Truth, Justice and Anti-Corruption.

The resolution was protected by numbers 1 and 2 of article 129 of the Constitution, which mentions the possibility of a political trial of the President for crimes “against the security of the state” the why “concussion, corruption, embezzlement (embezzlement) or illicit enrichment.” It also establishes that for this “the admissibility opinion of the Constitutional Court will be required, but prior criminal proceedings will not be necessary”.

The Ecuadorian National Assembly approved a report recommending Lasso's impeachment.  (REUTERS/Karen Toro)
The Ecuadorian National Assembly approved a report recommending Lasso’s impeachment. (REUTERS/Karen Toro)

Although this Saturday’s approval is only a suggestion there does not mean that the trial starts automaticallythis opens the way for a legislator to introduce Formal request of indictment. To do so, he needs the support of at least 46 other lawmakers.

The session began around 8:00 a.m. and lasted seven hours, during which the entire report was read and all 41 lawmakers spoke.

Already on Wednesday, the Commission had recommended to the plenary session of Parliament that Lasso be questioned for the alleged acts of corruption for which he is being investigated, a position supported by six of the members and disputed by only one.

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