The Ministry of Foreign Relations denounced this Saturday that the Mexican President, Andres Lopez Obrador (AMLO), “refuses to comply with the obligation” to cede the presidency of the Pacific Alliance to Peru, if necessary, considering that the government of Dina Boluarte is “false”.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this decision is based on its support for Pedro Castillo’s coup, which was “transmitted live in his message to the nation on December 7, 2022”. With this, AMLO “departs from the principles contained in the framework agreement referring to democracy and the rule of law and has politicized the Pacific Alliance, with the sole aim of weakening it”.

The transfer of the presidency pro tempore (PPT) “is not a concession”, but “an obligation contained in a treaty which binds the four countries that make up the Alliance”, noted the portfolio chaired by Ana Gervasi.

“Despite the fact that the Mexican government has continued to de facto exercise the TPP, the work of the mechanism is paralyzed, due to the politicization it is undergoing for the first time in its history. This situation has hampered the progress of negotiations for the entry of new members,” he said.

In this sense, the Boluarte administration reiterated its “rejection of the acts of interference” of the Mexican leaders and ratified that “it is up to the Peruvians to find a way to solve our problems without external interference or interference”.

The framework agreement of the Alliance specifies that the presidency is exercised by annual periods and by rotation in alphabetical order. López Obrador was due to hand over the presidency pro tempore to Lima last November at the Pacific Alliance summit, which was suspended after Congress banned its president from leaving the country.

The meeting was postponed to December and moved to Lima; however, Castillo was fired and is currently in jail. Since then, AMLO expressed his support, granted asylum to his wife and children and denounced that he was a victim of the oligarchy.

“I don’t want to cede (the presidency) to a government that I consider to be fallacious. Let the members of the group decide”, declared AMLO during his press conference held the day before. Remarks criticized by the National Action Party (PAN), which considers a decision “marked by its ideology on international issues” and that he seeks to support “his authoritarian friends in the region”, in reference to Castillo.

“López Obrador cannot make a unilateral decision regarding the transfer of the presidency pro tempore of the Pacific Alliance to Peru. We remind you that the government of Dina Boluarte took office in accordance with what is dictated by its Constitution and that it was Castillo who tried to make a coup, we ask you to stop intervening in affairs interior of this country,” concluded PAN MP Mariana Gomez del Campo.

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