Alvaro Jose Alvarez Griffiths

The Bolivian government took the oath on Friday of the new interim commander of the police and five other senior officials of this institution, the third change of police leadership in the current administration, which has pledged loyalty and transparency to the leadership of the president Luis Arce.

Bolivian President, Bolivian President, Luis Arce; the Minister of the Presidency, Maria Nela Prada; and the Minister of Government (Interior), Edward del Castillowho handed over the batons of command to the new generals and installed six new police authorities.

We are sure that you will act with the greatest honor to serve the country and your institution.“, underlined the Bolivian president.

By decree, the Government temporarily appointed Major General Alvaro Jose Alvarez Griffiths replacing Orlando Ponce, who explained that he was leaving his post for health reasons.

Additionally, he appointed General Caesar Augusto Russo Sandoval as Deputy Commander of the Bolivian Police and Chief of Staff, General Ricardo Perez Andrade as Inspector General of the Bolivian Police, General Alvaro Marcelo Flores Lopez as President of the Disciplinary Tribunal.

Luis Arce (REUTERS/Claudia Morales)
Luis Arce (REUTERS/Claudia Morales)

while the general Leonel Jimenez Velasco was appointed National Director of Planning and Operations, while Gen. Guillermo Teddy Chacon is the new director of police training and education.

The new police commander thanked President Arce for his trust and said he takes office with “humility” and will work on an institutional management plan.

“I assume with great humility and commitment the work that I will honor with loyalty, discipline, transparency in public management and the fight against corruption, giving continuity to the management of change”, said Álvarez in his speech.

He also promised to defend democracy and the “legally constituted” government, in addition to working for public and citizen security, which is one of the demands of citizens.

“In this new cycle, we envisage a A proactive, preventive, dissuasive and innovative police force rather than reactivating,” Álvarez pointed out.

For his part, Minister Del Castillo asked the new leadership to guarantee the “dignity and well-being” of all citizens and to work as a team with “dedication” to guarantee security.

This new change is the third in the Arce government, first there was Jhonny Aguilera, then in July last year Orlando Ponce was sworn in and now Álvaro Álvarez.

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