The Constitutional Commission of the Congress is chaired by a member of Congress from the Fuerza Popular. (ANDEAN)

After the start of the second legislature for the 2022-2023 session period, in the Congress of the RepublicMPs failed to agree to a request to reconsider a vote on the early elections.

The initiative was presented by Congressman Jorge Montoyafrom the bench popular revival, to prevent the vote that favored the advancement of the elections – which will potentially be held in 2023 – from having no effect and proceeding to a new vote.

The measure that Montoya sought to revoke, from his parliamentary group, was approved by the national representation last February 17 during the plenary.

In this context, with 41 votes for, 63 against and 3 abstentionsthe legislative did not approve the reconsideration, therefore, the debate on the holding of elections in 2023 will take its natural course and will be assessed in the Constitutional Commission.

The working group is chaired by the legislator Hernando Guerra García (Popular Force)who indicated that the discussion on this fact will take place this Tuesday, March 7, according to El Comercio.

So far, three initiatives have been rejected for the general elections to be held this year.

The first of them came from people force. This proposed that the elections take place in December 2023 and that the administration of the members of Congress, as well as the president of the republic, Dina Boluarte Zegarrapeak on 29 and 30 April 2024 respectively. This proposal was however rejected by the Plenary.

Another abandoned initiative is the one drawn up by the parliamentary group of Free Peru. With his suggestion, it was planned to hold the elections within 120 days of the approval of the document. Likewise, it has sought to include consultation with the population to convene a constituent Assemblyfor the purpose of modifying the Magna Carta.

Finally, the Government de Boluarte Zegarra proposed to hold the general elections in the second week of October this year. In this way, on December 31 and 29, it was estimated that the presidential and congressional terms would end, respectively. The Andean Parliament, in turn, would have continued its management until December 31, 2026. This proposal was also rejected.

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