The Clan del Golfo faction under the command of alias Chirimoya is believed to be responsible for the acts of violence during the mining strike in Antioquia and Córdoba, as it seeks to prevent this illegal group from joining the total peace of the national government. (Colpress)

The theme that a faction of the Clan del Golfo opposes this illegal armed group, in the service of drug trafficking, adopting the policy of total peace led by the President of the Republic, Gustavo Francisco Petro, after a complaint filed by the representative in the House of Antioquia Alejandro Toro, of the historical pact.

The signaling was made during the plenary session of the Congress held on Thursday, March 16, where assured that the one who seeks to thwart the rapprochement of the criminal structure with the government is José Miguel Demoya, alias Chirimoya, who is believed to be behind the acts of violence perpetrated in the midst of the protests by minors in the Bajo Cauca Antioquia and south of Cordoba.

“He is looking to consolidate himself as the leader of this structure. It’s amazing what happened to him: he was captured in 2011 and released two years later by a judge who was impeached, then captured in 2015 and then released by a judge who was captured. In recent years, he has carried out several armed strikes,” he said.

The representative argued that “Chirimoya” obeys the orders of José Gonzalo Sánchez Sánchez, alias Gonzalito, who seeks to “torpedo” the process with the group of drug traffickers descendant of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC).

“Chirimoya is one of the men of ‘Gonzalito’, who has taken actions against total peace, such as the kidnapping of three prosecutors and who is now infiltrating the miners’ strike.all for the purpose of continuing to derive illegal revenue from extortion and drug trafficking,” Toro said.

If this member’s information is verified, the schism that would exist within the so-called Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC) would be confirmed after the capture and subsequent extradition to the United States last year of Dairo Antonio Úsuga alias Otoniel.

Precisely, In mid-February, the murder of Wilmar Antonio Giraldo Quiróz, alias Siopas, became known, who positioned himself as the second in command of the AGC, since he would oppose their acceptance of total peace, which heightened the fight he had with Jobanis de Jesús Ávila Villadiego, aka Chiquito Malo and ‘Gonzalito’ himself.

A military intelligence report, released this week, highlighted that it would be “Chirimoya” and José Ramón Zapata, alias Gavino, who would finance and promote the miners’ strike.

Regarding the governor of Antioquia, Annibale Gaviria, He said he had concrete evidence that the “Clan del Golfo” is behind the strike: “I want to file a complaint. On the night of this Friday, this criminal group was in different municipalities, forcing young people to get into dump trucks to go to the strike sites. It was recorded and we have proof of it.

“Behind these violent demonstrations hide these illegal groups, among which, With absolute certainty, the one with the highest incidence is the so-called Clan del Golfo, of which there is solid evidence, there are videos, there are recordings, there is WhatsApp, which clearly establish the interference of this group in the demonstrations. and in acts of violence,” the official reported.

Last Sunday, March 12, 2023, during the Security Council held in Montelíbano (Córdoba) in which the Minister of Defense met, Iván Velásquez, the military leadership and President Gustavo Petro. There, the head of state He sent a strong message to the Clan del Golfo for their alleged participation in the events of the miners’ strike.

“If the Clan del Golfo is behind the strike, as many clues show, it must be said, they have no desire for peace,” he added. reproach.

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