It has not been. In recent days, all AD Alcorcón employees have been trying to remove snow and ice from both Santo Domingo and the annex stadium. The intensive work carried out since the beginning of the week by the Alcorcón has managed to remove 90% of the snow. Anquela, potter technician, showed his concern about the state of the grass, but he was proud of the effort of the Club “I am concerned about the state of the grass. In this Club these days he has cleared snow from the boss to the last employee. Among all. Putting two noses “.

However, the persistence of low temperatures at night and in the morning in the city are causing the ice sheets to persist. It should be noted that this Saturday the city registered nine below zero, on Sunday it is expected to reach 12 below zero and on Monday the negative seven degrees. This, together with the technical restrictions due to the intense drainage of recent days, “make the holding of the match at the Santo Domingo stadium unfeasible” according to the Club. In addition, in the Annex you cannot play either since it does not have the conditions for the organization and broadcast of the game.

Valencia Shield / Flag

This Sunday’s Copa del Rey match between Alcorcón and Valencia will be played on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas. The pottery entity in a statement has wanted to “Thank again to employees, technicians, managers, fans and suppliers who have helped in the intense cleaning tasks that have been developed throughout the week to clear snow accesses, training camp and playing field ”.

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