Pepe, Ángela and Leonardo Aguilar are a media family that has not been free from controversy and attacks on social networks

Pepe, Leonard and Angela Aguilar They enjoy a stage of family consolidation as representatives of Mexican vernacular music.

Direct heir to two important figures of the national tradition, Antoine Aguilar y Flor Silvestre, Pepe, the proud father of his two children who followed in his footsteps on stage, he will perform with them next fall in a renewed stage of their show Jaripeo without borders across cities across the United States, starting August 4, 2023, from the FLA Live Arena in Ft. Lauderdale.

Also, at the same time, Pepe will present his solo tour in several locations in the same country, which will begin on July 21 at the Acrisure Arena in Indio, California, and will continue later in New York, Austin, Denver and more. again, before ending July 25th. November in Kent, Washington.

The family is not considered “the most important” in vernacular music today Photo: Eser Gutiérrez

As a champion of ranchera and mariachi music and heir to a generational legacy, Pepe Aguilar said GlobeLiveMedia Mexico how vernacular music adapts to current currents in the region, such as that of the lying corridos and the group.

“Nada más hay dos tipos de música, la buena y la mala, los géneros los inventamos nosotros… pero si nos vamos realmente a ver quién tiene más conocimiento armónico, quién hizo mejor música que otro, lo puedes llegar a ver.. . I believe that the sun rises for everyone and in all genres there is also very bad musicwhat do you want me to tell you, ”he said from the box in the Plaza de toros México, accompanied by his children Leonardo and Ángela.

For the young singer of what agonybeing part of an iconic national entertainment family has put her in a special place, although she stresses that she doesn’t consider the Aguilars “the greatest”.

The union between Mexicans and “compatriots” in the United States is part of the message of Aztec pride with “Jaripeo sin fronteras” Photo: Eser Gutiérrez
The union between Mexicans and “compatriots” in the United States is part of the message of Aztec pride with “Jaripeo sin fronteras” Photo: Eser Gutiérrez

“We do it with our hearts and I’ve been singing this music since I was six, I started singing at three, at eight we released our first album together -with Leonardo- singing Mexican music , and precisely in our interviews as children, the first thing we said was that we didn’t want Mexican music to die, that the mariachi, that the band, that the band continue and that’s what what’s going on. We don’t know if we’re the biggest reps, but we know we’re putting our grain of sand in.”

But this media presence, which Pepe Aguilar has also nurtured with the publication over the years of his video blog in the way of reality show on YouTube, was a double-edged sword, because equally brought them closer to their followersAlso exposed them to negative comments in the face of the many controversies that they played

Leonardo Aguilar, the so-called 'Gallo fino', is proud to witness his family's triumphs Photo: Eser Gutiérrez
Leonardo Aguilar, the so-called ‘Gallo fino’, is proud to witness his family’s triumphs Photo: Eser Gutiérrez

This is how Leonardo Aguilar answered the question “How do you as a family deal with the attacks that could occur on social networks?”

“It’s not a situation that we have to deal with as a family, saying like ‘oh, what are we going to do’, not at all, we do that, Jaripeo Without Borders, Jaripeo Without Borders United States, people who know us know what we doand thank goodness I won’t say numbers because people are still buying tickets, but Let’s sing our songs, songs from Mexico, let’s go out with horsessinging in front of tens of thousands of Mexicans in one night, all together like a family and that’s what we focus on, and what’s the next record, and what’s the next song and What is the next composition, we talk about it as a family, the rest is the least we can do“, concluded the one also nicknamed beautiful rooster.

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