Lilia Paredes, former First Lady of Peru. (CNN)

The judiciary reversed its initial decision concerning the hearing of lilia paredesfor whom it is requested preventive detention of 36 monthsand postponed the session to March 22.

The judge of the eighth national court of preparatory instruction, Raul Justiniano Romeropostponed the hearing to June 15.

The hearing was brought forward, by resolution, after the Office of International Judicial Cooperation referred the request for legal assistance to Mexicowith notification of tax liability, according to El Comercio.

Judge Raúl Justiniano indicated that he had received a document from Walls of Navarreas part of these programs, where the former first lady indicated that she was aware of these appointments after being informed of them by the media.

“This validates the act of notification of the requirement of preventive detention, after having presented a document appearing in person before this justice”, he declared.

There former first lady She has been a refugee in the neighboring country, with her two youngest children, since December last year. After the blow of Pedro Castilloher husband, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) granted him political asylum.

For the March 22 hearing, Paredes requested that “the scanned copies of the defendants and, given that she has political asylum in the United Mexican States, she requests that the virtual audience”.

The Public Ministry designates Paredes and his brothers –Walter, David and Yenifer– as part of an alleged criminal network led by the former president Castile.

The request for pre-trial detention 36 months It includes a total of three family members: Lilia, Walter and David Paredes.

According to the estimates of the national prosecutor’s officechaired by Patricia Benavides, the wife of the former Peruvian president may be sentenced, due to the alleged crime of criminal organizationa sentence of eight to ten years and four months.

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