The 2020 Ibero-American Quality Awards recognize the best practices in promoting the SDGs

The 2020 Ibero-American Quality Awards recognize the best practices in promoting the SDGs

The 2020 Ibero-American Quality Awards recognize, for the first time, the best practices in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as reported by Aenor in a statement.

The jury, made up of the Ibero-American General Secretariat (Segib) and Fundibeq, an independent foundation of the Ibero-American region, has received technical advice from Aenor and has evaluated various initiatives according to a specific model.

In this field, three organizations have been awarded: the Malaga School of Public Safety for ‘Actions to evaluate the ethics, effectiveness and transparency of the organization’; Oleoductos de Valle de Argentina for its practice of ‘Energy Efficiency in the pipeline’; and Banco Santander España, for their practice ‘Progress of women, education and equal opportunities. Generation 81 ‘.

Since its creation in 1999, 213 public and private organizations from 14 Ibero-American countries have been distinguished with awards in the different categories, thanks to the collaboration of more than 1,000 evaluators from 22 Ibero-American countries, who participate altruistically in the process. evaluation of the Prize.

The XXI edition of the Ibero-American Quality Award has presented its awards within the framework of the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government that has been held in Andorra. The awards recognize the best practices of 13 public and private organizations from eight countries, counting Andorra and Costa Rica as participants for the first time.

The Ibero-American Quality Award is a project coordinated by Segib and managed by Fundibeq. The winners were announced by the Chairman of the Fundibeq Board of Trustees, Rafael García Meiro, who is also the CEO of Aenor.

In his speech, he affirmed “to host the Award in the program of the Summit and the Business Meeting”, as it “launches a clear message of support to the thousands of organizations in the Ibero-American field, who strive to be better and better and help build stronger economies. ”

As in each edition there are two categories of awards: gold and silver. In the first of these this year, REGTSA, the Autonomous Tax Collection and Management Agency of the Salamanca Provincial Council (Spain); a National Health Insurance of the Dominican Republic; Ramón y Cajal School (Spain); Grupo Aislacon (Mexico); a Republic AFAP (Uruguay); and to Banco Santander (Spain). While in the Silver category the winners were Oleoductos del Valle (Argentina) and Andorra Telecom.

Finally, they received special mention Arca Continental, Planta la Favorita (Mexico); Technological Institute of Costa Rica, School of Public Security of the Malaga City Council (Spain) and the Padre Bartolomé Vegh Polytechnic Institute (Dominican Republic).

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