There were gusts of up to 50 kilometers per hour. The crane fell on the very structure of the building

In the province of currentsthe strong wind of a temporal that happened this Tuesday caused the fall into the void of a crane which was on the terrace of a building under construction. Fortunately, there were no injuries or damage to nearby houses.

The loading pen was located on the 15th floor – the last – of the tower under construction on the Juan Pablo II south seafront in the town of Corrientes when gusts of nearly 43 kilometers per hour began to be recorded around 6 p.m. hours 20 minutes later they amounted to winds of 49 kilometers per hour. These gusts caused falling trees, lampposts, power cuts and the impressive fall of the crane, whose precipitation was filmed via a mobile phone and then viralized on social networks.

A circulating video Twitter It captures the moment when, amid the strong gusts, the crane breaks loose, falls, and hits the same building site.

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Jose Pedro Ruizmunicipal government undersecretary for risk management, pointed out that “these are really very strong winds for our area” and clarified that the one that collapsed was a plume of three charges that were in the area in other adjacent buildings.

“The boom could not withstand the onslaught of the wind and collapsed, taking with it the materials that were in this construction area,” the official described, noting that, fortunately, the crane “is fell on the structure of the work they were doing” and did not cause any injuries or major damage.

“The crane was supported by the north wall of the building, and the engineers from the construction company secured it to the column of the building so that the crane scaffolding wouldn’t fall,” Ruiz explained.

Building where the crane fell in Corrientes (Source: El Litoral)

The official detailed in All news that a technical commission, headed by an engineer, was checking the possibility of other landslides in the building, after the loading boom was left hanging without completely detaching

However, about 14 people were evacuated They live in four houses in the neighborhood and have been housed in a hotel run by the company.

The storm continued and caused at least a dozen trees to fall, streetlights and power outages. As reported Telam Agency, a tree branch fell on a Renault Sandero car driving on Juan Pujol Avenue in the provincial capital, causing material damage. While a large sector of the capital, delimited by the provincial road 43 which connects the city to the city of Santa Ana, was deprived of electricity due to the cutting of cables and the demolition of poles following the storm.

The storm also caused damage indoors and in the Riachuelo, the roofs of at least two houses were blown off, the portal reported. The side. The Provincial Directorate of Electric Power also reported complications in San Cosme, Empedrado, Paso de la Patria, Paso Martínez and San Luis del Palmar.

“The wind was very strong. There are many downed power lines and now the explosion of two house roofs has been recorded,” he said. Martin Jettermayor of the municipality of Riachuelo.

The communal chief said that after the storm they would go around town to check on the needs of the affected residents. However, volunteer firefighters visit areas to see if there are any emergencies. “So far luckily there are no injuries,” added Jetter.

An alert is in effect for Corrientes for precipitation and winds with intense gusts and possible hailstorms, the National Meteorological Service reported on Tuesday.

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