Sunak: G20 members are determined to “restore stability”

Sunak: G20 members are determined to “restore stability”

2022/11/17 at 4:06 am
2022/11/17 at 4:06 am

London, Nov 17 – The members of the G20 (developed and emerging countries) share the determination to “restore stability, promote long-term growth and promote a better future,” said British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Thursday .

In a statement before the House of Commons (lower), prior to the announcement of the Government’s fiscal plan, the conservative leader informed the deputies of how he participated in the last G20 summit held on the island of Bali.

Regarding the common position of the G20 members on the war in Ukraine, Sunak said that they will continue “on the side of Ukraine in the face of Russia’s criminal aggression.”

The leader of the Executive noted that the world is now facing “the worst global economic crisis since 2008” and added that it is also “a different crisis since it is being driven by a member of the G20” while accusing Russia of “altering the food and energy market seriously”.

“As responsible members of the G20, we are putting into practice a decisive response. Almost all G20 members denounce Russia’s actions stating that our era should not be one of war and we will work together to uphold international law and the Charter of the United Nations. We will act to defend our collective economic security,” said the Tory leader.

He also revealed that the G20 “has agreed to use all available instruments to support the global economy and ensure stability”, which implies “that the international financial institutions will mobilize all resources to support developing countries”, among other measures.

The prime minister referred to the recent missile attack that occurred in a Polish town near the border with Ukraine – where two people died – and attributed responsibility for this aggression to Russia, arguing that Ukraine cannot be blamed for trying to defend itself from Russian attacks. .

“It is possible that the explosion was caused by Ukrainian ammunition that was deployed in self-defense, and even if this is proven, a country trying to defend itself against such barbarism cannot be blamed. The fault lies solely with Russia,” he argued.

“The same day that I and others (leaders) confronted the Russian foreign minister (Sergei Lavrov) at the G20 summit about the brutality of his country’s actions, the same day that President (Ukrainian Volodymyr) Zelensky approached the G20 with a plan to stop the war, Russia launched more than 80 missile attacks against Ukraine,” he said.

The objectives, added Sunak, were “innocents and civil infrastructure and the objective of plunging the population into darkness and cold.”

Taking stock of the summit, Sunak considered that “the United Kingdom is at its best when it is an involved, active member of the global community, where we defend our values, our interests, but also spread prosperity and alleviate poverty and suffering” .

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