The celebrities confirmed their relationship in 2022 (Picture: Instagram @stephaniesalasoficial//@zuritahm)

Humberto Zurita there Stephanie Salas They give each other a second chance at love, after going through difficult circumstances two years ago, leaving him a widower and her a single mother. The stars who are no longer hiding their relationship have shared romantic photos from their vacation in one of Mexico’s most famous bays: acapulco.

“Boat trip in the port of Acapulco with my love Humberto Zurita“wrote Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter on her Twitter account. instagram, showing how his new sentimental conquest is. Although for the moment the actor has not shared anything about the trip mentioned, the daughter of Luis Miguel showed his approval for a comment in the publication.

Michelle Salas reacted with a series of red hearts, revealing the joy he has because his famous mother is resuming her love life alongside the villain of queen of the southbecause at first it was rumored that the great-granddaughter of the last diva of the Mexican Golden Cinema was not in favor of establishing such a relationship.

The actress uploaded photos from the trip to her social media (Photo: Instagram @stephaniesalasoficial)
The actress uploaded photos from the trip to her social media (Photo: Instagram @stephaniesalasoficial)

Netizens trended images that showed their fun visit to an exclusive yacht club in Acapulco, which according to the official website the actress tagged, restricted access since only members with active memberships are allowed to. being able to book or use their transport and especially when it comes to the holiday season.

“For love there is no age, what a pleasure to see these photos of these lovebirds.” “They both deserve it, how many of us said how much we loved Zurita with someone else after the actress died that now that it’s a reality the truth fills us with tenderness. ” “Finally we have such a beautiful union between these two lovers, what a beautiful yacht by the way.” “You can see that they like to look happy and share photos of themselves, maybe not together but smiling all the time,” the fans reacted.

The actor posed for his girlfriend (Photo: Instagram/stephaniesalasoficial)
The actor posed for his girlfriend (Photo: Instagram/stephaniesalasoficial)

“They want to see me happy and happy, and nothing is a secret anymore, which is to say that Sebastián threw me a birthday party in Valle de Guadalupe and I said to him: ‘Hey, I am going to take Stephanie’ (his son questioned him): ‘like? Are you going out with Stephanie?… well, bring her,’ confessed Humberto Zurito The sun is rising.

Additionally, Humberto Zurita mentioned that Michelle Salas – daughter of Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel – and Camila would be invited to the birthday party at Valle de Guadalupe, located in Ensenada, Baja California; to which his son replied:

“Oh, well, bring my two sisters, I don’t know if I’m ready to have two stepsisters, but bring them.” This comment came about because Humberto Zurita said it was important for him to share his life with Salas, regardless of their past.

What Michelle Salas and Sebastián and Emiliano Zurita think of Stéphanie and Humberto's relationship (Photos: Instagram/@michellesalasb/@zuritahm)
What Michelle Salas and Sebastián and Emiliano Zurita think of Stéphanie and Humberto’s relationship (Photos: Instagram/@michellesalasb/@zuritahm)

In the case of Luis Miguel’s daughter, Stephanie Salas, his daughter Michelle Salas disliked Humberto Zurita when she was a child. The actress and singer of Ave María said during the press conference that her daughters and the sons of Humberto’s marriage to Christian Bach met as children when the actors coincided in this same play, when they staged about 30 years ago.

“The first work I did with Humberto was in the 90s and Michelle was about two years old, and Sebastián (Humberto’s son) was about four years old, we got together there. We started dancing and she didn’t understand, so she yelled at Humberto ‘Let her go, let her go, bad Humberto’,” the 52-year-old actress recalled, amused.

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