Soybean imports from the European Union in the 2022/23 season, which started on July 1, fell to 1.35 million tonnes as of August 5, according to data published by the European Commission on Tuesday, which compares with the 1.54 million tons of the previous campaign.

This season’s data on grains and oilseeds should have covered the period to August 7, and may also be incomplete for the period to August 5, the Commission said.

EU rapeseed imports rose to 628,542 tonnes, compared to 418,125 tonnes in the same week a year earlier.

Soymeal imports so far in 2022/23 amounted to 1.42 million tons, compared to 1.43 million in the previous campaign, while those of palm oil stood at 264,895 tons, a strong down from the 566,974 tons of the previous campaign.

EU imports of sunflower oil, which mostly come from Ukraine, stood at 155,601 tonnes, up from 147,491 tonnes a year earlier, according to the data.

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