South Korea today broke a new record for COVID-19 infections, reporting more than 621,000 cases at a time when the authorities consider that the country is reaching the peak of the wave caused by the omicron variant.
The Korea Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Agency (KDCA) on Wednesday reported 621,328 cases detected on Wednesday, of which only 62 were from people who had arrived from abroad.

The figure represents a jump of 55% with respect to the data of the day before and 120% more in relation to those of a week ago.

Record daily deaths were also reported, 429 (the mortality rate is 0.14%), although the number of people with moderate to severe symptoms was reduced by about 100 patients compared to Wednesday.up to 1,159.

The Ministry of Health has said that it considers that the peak of the current wave caused by the omicron variant it will be reached this week or the next and Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum has requested to review the protocols to reclassify COVID-19 as a less serious disease.

This would allow more flexibility for health services to combat a growing number of positives, which in turn are cases with mild or mostly asymptomatic symptoms.

At the same time, The authorities have been gradually relaxing the restrictions in force for some time and tomorrow a meeting is scheduled to decide on the extension or relaxation of the main measures (mandatory closure of hotels at 11:00 p.m. and meetings of a maximum of 6 people ).

The Asian country, where 86.6% of the population has a double vaccination schedule and 62.8% a booster dose, is one of the countries that has best managed the pandemic, especially at the beginning, and today it has some 8,250,000 infections and just over 11,400 deaths.

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