Millions of Shanghai residents fenced off entered their fourth week of a harrowing covid-19 lockdown while authorities said on Monday they were looking to switch to selective enforcement of the rules in smaller zones around confirmed cases.

The Xi Jinping regime will place alarms in the houses of those who are infected in Shanghai, to prevent them from escaping from their homes. The massive PCR tests, one of the pillars of the Chinese strategy against the coronavirus along with the closure of borders, the isolation of those infected and the limitation of movements where cases are registered, they will increase in certain neighborhoods of the city, depending on their level of infections.

In Beijing, fearing a similar strict closure after the appearance of some casesmany have begun to stockpile food, and in the largest district Chaoyang, have seen long queues for the first of three mandatory tests scheduled for this week.

But sadly, episodes of animal abuse are also taking place there. Several videos are circulating on networks and show the atrocities with animals and people that take place in the Chinese region. For fear of a new spread, the Shanghai authorities are choosing to kill dogs and cats of any infected person, according to local media.

They also carry out tests on animals, to check if they test positive for coronavirus. Meanwhile, with blows or shots, they kill them if their owners are infected. In other videos, you can see how children are separated from their parents. While they remain in the quarantine centers.

Something that has been going on for a long time. In late 2021, several people reported returning home and they found that their pets were killed, while they were in quarantine or undergoing treatment. Faced with this problem, Lisa Li, a resident of the Chinese capital, claims to be “more careful than ever”. “If I catch Covid-19, what if my cat starves or dies while I’m in quarantine?” she told the South China Morning Post.

While the virus has so far seemed well contained in Beijing, authorities in Shanghai have been trying to control growing frustration over the lockdown that has forced most of the city’s 25 million people to stay indoors.

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