Shakira wowed Jimmy Fallon show audiences with her live performance of “BZRP Music Session #53” on this talk show which is one of the most watched in the United States. (Screenshot)

Shakira keeps ‘turning around’ with her worldwide hit ‘BZRP Music Session #53’ which is sung around the world even if they don’t know Spanish, as it happened with the audience of the iconic interview program of Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show, one of the most watched in the United States and broadcast on NBC on the night of Friday March 10.

Before his presentation, which caused the euphoria of the participantsBarranquilla’s wife was with Bizarrap in a conversation with the North American presenter who highlighted the topic’s global feat in collaboration with argentinian

“Congratulations ‘Music Session #53’ is the number one song globally. It’s real, you have four Guinness World Records, but now you Shakira have 10 of those World Records,” Fallon told the singer, accompanied by photos of the performers with the awards, to laughter and applause from the audience.

The American interviewer told them that “they broke it” since they managed to make the video of the song obtained the most views on Youtube in 24 hours and the fastest to reach a million views on this platform, in addition to being the most listened to on Spotify in a day and a week.

For its part Shakira recalled the anecdote that her son Milan was the one who told her to do a song with Bizarrap, and he was precisely the most enthusiastic about the idea of ​​participating in the American program.

“My 10-year-old son, Milan, is very happy to be here. When I told him we were going to New York, he started chanting, ‘Let’s go to Fallon’s! Fallon Fallon!’ history.

What the interviewer said he was one of the most polite kids he had ever met and he liked that detail From you.

“He has a good ear and good taste, and he’s also a Bizarrap fan and he told me five months ago -Mom, you have to do a collaboration with Bizarrap because if you do this song, it will be number one-. And he sent a voicemail to my manager Jaime. -You have to make my mother sing with him because it’s going to be a hit-“, he recalls.

With Bizarrap, The Barranquilla woman explained that the Argentine traveled to Barcelona and previously worked on a sound she wanted to take inspiration from English band Depeche Mode, it was cool, but a little dark. i love this group Shakira confessed, adding that the musical notes elicited her patented hip move, a harbinger of success.

Are you telling me hips don’t lie? asked the American presenter, also referring to another of the world hits of the Colombians Hips do not lie.

Fallon then released a video of Shakira fans passionately singing “BZRP Music Session #53”, which moved her and He pointed out that although he wrote the song as a way to vent, a sisterhood has been built around the subject, especially with women after going through a similar breakup.

This third performance of Shakira in the North American program was once again sensational in the middle of an audience who, although not Spanish-speaking, chanted loudly his new planetary success.

The Colombian, as usual, He was breathtaking not only in his performance, with the participants, but also because of his spectacular black leather suit, which he combined with a Rolex on his left hand, which he highlighted in this section of the song which indicates the change from this luxury watch to a modest Casio. Of course, all under their exquisite dances inspired by Arab and Caribbean cultures. from which Shakira is descended.

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