An 11-year-old boy was armed at La Plata school

“I apply mafia guacho huh! It is serious, it’s not a toy, it’s giant. You know how I take it at school and it applies to all mobsters,” an 11-year-old boy is heard saying so in a video where he threatens his classmates and the teacher, which has gone viral.

I am a mafia compa. Do you know how I take her to school and shoot the teacher here?», Shamelessly assures the miner, pointing to his temple and then banging the weapon against the wall so that everyone can hear that it is real.

The protagonist of the video is 11 years old and attends the sixth year of the Elementary School No. 55 of La Plata. The recipients of this filming were his classmates who, after receiving these images, informed their parents and great concern was generated.

The worst is that part of the threats have materialized since, according to the parents, the boy went to school with the rifle, gave a teacher an ass and showed the gun in front of the other boys, both in the classroom and on the playground.

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In repudiation of what happened and to express their disagreement with the actions of the school, which only prepared a “report” following the brutal and intimidating behavior of the minor, This Monday more than 50% of the students did not attend classes.

In this context, the parents called at 7:30 am at the school gate to demand an appointment with the director. Noting the anger of the participants, the authorities chose to receive them in groups and thus better control the situation. The first received are adults who have their children in sixth grade with the abuser.

And under the pressure of rest and the presence of the press, the director went to the door of the establishment and read a press release where she says that she promises to settle the problem to find a solution.

“The family has been called and the mother has been informed that since the school and the protocol for intervention in a conflict situation in the school space has been explained to her and that the work will be done within the framework of the institutional guidelines for the coexistence,” said Lorena, who is in charge of school No. 55.

“Collaboration and commitment were requested from the family and to keep a watchful eye so as not to put the child or the rest in danger. The complaint was filed at the police station and was withdrawn the weapon that was not deadly, according to what appears in the police report”, assured the director, who indicated that she will continue to work on the design of strategies to preserve the students.

Parents’ anger

“On Friday, this boy came to school, brought a gun, hit the teacher and threatened several classmates.”, said Analía Radio Mitre, one of the many to join the protest measure to preserve the integrity of her son, who is a partner of the abuser. “He pretended it was real and he triggered some of his colleagues.“, he added.

More than 50% of students did not attend classes on Monday

The woman remarked that “The boy was already conflicted because last year he was annoying other kids”, including his son, “because he had rehearsed”. He even recalled that he had already shared other similar videos on his social networks.

“I think school with boys who are conflicted and have family issues doesn’t really do what it’s supposed to do. Social welfare and the school psychologist intervene but they are not behind the boy,” Analía asked about the lack of responsibility of the administrators.

It turns out that the student comes from a very modest family: his father works as a private security guard and his mother works as a domestic worker.

“From the school, they did not warn anything“Complained other parents interviewed by the newspaper The day. “The only measure was to speak to the boy and his parents in the afternoon, to whom they reported,” they said.

Faced with this situation, the parents were dismayed because “the boy was sent back to class while the other children were terrified of what had happened”. That’s why this Monday they decided to take a more drastic decision.

“If our children hadn’t told us, we never would have known.. She’s crazy. Our blood ran cold when they told us what happened,” said another of the mothers.

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