The Manchester City player could be accused of dropping his pants in public (The Sun)

A scandal shakes Manchester City in full Premier League definition and ahead of the rematch against RB Leipzig next week in the Champions League Round of 16. According to an exclusive publication presented by the newspaper The sun in England, Kyle Walker was filmed in a clearly drunk bar with a friend and two other women, neither of whom was his wife Annie Kilner.

The event is said to have happened on Sunday March 5 at 5.30pm (UK time) and the defender was left behind for around 90 minutes. The images seen by the British newspaper show the player of the English team drunk and groping the bodies of the two companions.

Additionally, in one of the bar’s security camera footage, we can see how Walker he pulls down his pants several times and shows his genitals. One of the women who accompanied the 32-year-old footballer laughs and shouts in front of him. Shortly after, you can see how the player who was part of the England team’s line-up at the last World Cup in Qatar repeats the action near other people who were in the bar.

Another of the critical moments of the video is shown by the defender of the team managed by Pep Guardiola kissing one of the women in his group and also touching her breasts. This scene happened the day after City won, at Etihad Stadiumagainst Newcastle 2-0 thanks to goals from Phil Foden and Bernardo Silva.

As reported by The Sun, after the victory, the Spanish coach gave his players two days off. “Two days off at home. I don’t want to see them, they don’t want to see me,” Pep said in the post-match press conference. The citizens They are second in the Premier League, five points behind leaders Arsenal.

Images of Walker in a drunken bar (The Sun)
Images of Walker in a drunken bar (The Sun)

A source, seen by The Sun, said: “The video is really disturbing. The woman Walker is with is not his wife, but he reaches out and strokes her breasts. Wondering if it could get any worse, then he sticks his penis out in full view of the bar and the women he’s with.” The report says he was seen drinking beer and “drinking around his neck ” of the other women and that he also danced provocatively on several occasions.

Beyond the situation Walker was exposed to, the newspaper Daily mail indicates that the police investigation against the footballer could target him for showing himself in public with his pants down at the bar. That is why could be charged with “indecent exposure”which can give violators of this law a maximum sentence of two years in prison in the UK or a heavy fine.

The UK Sexual Offenses Act enacted in 2003 explains that indecent exposure occurs when a person intentionally exposes their genitals and intends to view them, which could alarm or disturb those present.

Before leaving the scene, Walker was responsible for paying the bill of around 250 pounds. In the footage you can see how a bartender – as reported by the local press – was waiting for him with a posnet (payment by card) while the footballer struggled to manage his wallet.

The player enjoys a long-term relationship with his wife Annie, with whom he also has three children.

Walker is one of Manchester City's starting defenders (REUTERS/David Klein)
Walker is one of Manchester City’s starting defenders (REUTERS/David Klein)

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