Russian journalist arrested for displaying anti-war banner on TV

Russian journalist arrested for displaying anti-war banner on TV

Russian journalist Marina Ovsiannikova, known for interrupting a live television broadcast with a banner criticizing the Russian offensive in Ukraine, was arrested on Sunday, relatives and her lawyer said.

“Marine was arrested. There is no information about where he is,” says a message posted by his entourage on the Telegram account of the journalist. The message is accompanied by three photographs in which you can see Ovsiannikova44, as two policemen lead her toward a white van, after having stopped her while she was riding her bicycle.

Her lawyer, Dmitri Zakhvatov, confirmed the arrest to the Ria-Novosti news agency, explaining that he does not know where his client was taken.

“I suspect that this is related in one way or another to his act of protest,” he added. There was no official statement, but the arrest comes days after Ovsiannikova demonstrate alone in front of the Kremlin with a banner evoking the death of Ukrainian children during the military intervention in Ukraine and calling President Vladimir Putin a “murderer”.

This demonstration can be punished by a law against the publication of “false information” and “insults” to the army, charges that can carry prison sentences.

Ovsiannikova became famous when, in mid-March, she interrupted the network’s evening news TV near the Kremlin where he worked with a banner in which he criticized the offensive in Ukraine and the “propaganda” of the media controlled by power.

arrested right after, she was released after paying a fine.

Although the images went around the world, Ovsiannikova did not receive the unanimous greeting of all the opposition Russian for his gesture, since many reproach him for the years he worked at the Pervy Kanal chain, close to the Kremlin. After several months working abroad, for example for the German medium Die Welt, the journalist In early July, he announced his return to Russia to settle a dispute over the custody of his two children.

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