The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, he was “satisfied” with his telephone conversation with his American counterpart Joe Biden on Thursday, but warned of the “colossal mistake” of new sanctions against Moscow that could lead to a “complete break” in their relations.

The discussion was “franca” Y “Concrete”Kremlin diplomatic adviser Yuri Ushakov told reporters at the end of the meeting, which lasted about 50 minutes.

During the call, according to Ushakov, Biden warned of the imposition of strong sanctions against Moscow if the escalation of tension in Ukraine continues, where an invasion of Russia is feared after the massive deployment of troops on the border.

Putin warned that these measures could lead to a “complete rupture” of ties between Russia and the West, said this adviser at a press conference.

“This would be a colossal mistake that could lead to serious consequences, the gravest ones. We hope that does not happen “he added.

The two presidents discussed the growing tension over Ukraine in a talk that should pave the way for a formal negotiation scheduled in January.

Ushakov said that Putin I was “satisfied”Of the call, but that warned Biden of the need for a positive outcome for Moscow in the upcoming security talks, which could not last indefinitely.

“We need a result, and we will continue to insist on a result in a way that ensures security for Russia.”Ushakov said at a press conference.

This month, Russia launched a series of demands to resolve the tensions in Ukraine, which included guarantees that NATO would not expand further towards its borders and not to build new US military bases in the countries of the former Soviet Union, which Moscow considers its area of ​​influence. .

“The negotiations should not become a talk to talk”, Ushakov said, who did not detail the time frame that the Kremlin is considering on this issue.

According to this Russian adviser, the Kremlin will study the situation after the round of negotiations that will begin in January in Geneva, Brussels and Vienna between Russia, the United States, NATO and other Western countries.

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