Rubén, a pregnant father about to give birth:

Rubén, a pregnant father about to give birth: “I want to live the experience of breastfeeding”

“My name is Rubén, I am 27 years old and I am pregnant.” He only has a few weeks to become a father and fulfill one of his dreams from when he was just a child.

“I’m 36 weeks old”, he appears before the cameras of The sixth, wanting to transmit to the world his story that, even today, is not easy.

He is a surrogate father and, during his “transition”, he was always clear that he wanted to “preserve fertility”, with the illusion of being able to have a baby when the time came.

Rubén was the first transgender person in the Community of Madrid who was able to freeze his eggs. A fact that, now, has given him the opportunity to be a father, something that, he says, “I have always wanted since I was little”.

Thanks to artificial insemination, which has been one of the axes of his life, he has been able to fulfill his wish. However, a process that began in public health has had to be private, with a bumpy road that has been overcome.

“It seemed like they were doing me a favor,” says Rubén, who confesses that the treatment by the health workers has always been “in feminine”, even seeing that his documentation and his name were in masculine.

Thus, believes that health centers “are not prepared” for cases like of him, that are becoming more and more common.

Put the baby’s well-being before your own identity

With fatherhood always present in the future, Rubén decided to freeze his eggs before starting any testosterone treatment.

“I have not had a mastectomy operation because I want to live the experience of breastfeeding and it is important for my baby”, comments the future father, always putting the health and well-being of his baby before his identity.

In addition, he is clear that his baby will have a registered legal sex, just like everyone else when he is born, although he will be educated in diversity, with the freedom to express his own identity when he begin to speak.

“The first mistake comes when we associate a gender with genitalia”, he explains in the interview with The sixth.

He will star in his own documentary

Seeing their example, and wanting to be a reference for other trans people who live the same situation, Rubén will be the protagonist of the first documentary in Spanish of a pregnant father that will see the light at the end of this 2021.

“If there is a trans person who is considering all these processes, he may know that there are more people who live it as well,” he explains.

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