Romina spoke with her classmates after meeting her daughters

“Almost five months have passed. The first week he was like, ‘He’s not going to hold on, he’s not going to hold on’. Romina he knows nothing that his daughters are there. I will try to make sure that the house contains her and helps her,” he warned. santiago del moro, just minutes into Monday’s gala, surprising everyone. Then he got in touch with the girls, who were waiting in the living room of the house, and made a necessary clarification: “Mom has asked to see you a lot, she is in the middle of a competition. What I’m asking you please is that you can’t talk about the game, the program, what’s going on outside. Take advantage of this time, there is very little left for it to end, mom is in the top four, it’s your turn.”

A moment later, Santiago made contact with the participants and suddenly said to them: “Romina, your daughters are a few steps away, they are waiting for you in the sum”. So, the former deputy was hugged by her colleagues and ran to the living room. The reunion, how could it be otherwise, was pure tears. When she opened the door, she first hugged Feli, then the eldest, and finally she kissed the baby, who was in the arms of Maritathe nanny of the three and who takes care of their daily life.

The theme would become recurring in the minutes seen on screen. “They eat well, don’t they?” They don’t give you nonsense, do they? Are you still with her?” she asked the guard. “Very well. I am every day. How do you see them?” asked Marita. “I see them beautiful, but I want to be sure that they are with you, that they take care of them, that they drink water and not coke, nothing of that. Did you see that Walter (To party) is giving him candy and giving him bullshit…” she said, accusing her ex-husband and father of the girls of changing their diet.

“Did they leave where they were?” he also wanted to know about where they lived. “I can’t tell you anything from the outside. We are fine, everyone is fine,” Marita replied. “Are you sleeping well? he asked later. “Everything is like before,” Marita said without giving as many details.

Romina after meeting her daughters

Amid so much emotion, Romina had time to play with them in the cozy saloon set up in the scullery, while she was still surprised to be with them. Then he asked the Big brother if she could take Caramel, the house dog, to meet the girls. And the owner of the house granted his wish.

At the end of the show, Romina’s final moments with her daughters could be seen. When the miners asked her why she was crying, she was strong and only managed to answer that the crying corresponded to a simple stomach ache.

After that, came the moment when the former deputy found the other members of the house, eager for details and any information on what was going on there. So, at dinner time, Julieta said, “Are people going to like seeing this, the reunion? », At this moment the brunette hesitates and answers « I don’t know if they saw that, mine with the girls, because the girls are small.

However, he made it clear he was surprised that Santiago Del Moro interfered in the sum as mother and daughters were enjoying their moment. “Because on top of that I thought no… I tell her, Mia, don’t worry, my daughter, I asked her everything about me… because I say, don’t worry, nothing get out of it all. And now I’m going to talk just in case, because I didn’t think anything was going to come out. They put me there with the girls and I just thought they weren’t going into the house because they couldn’t see each other.”

Romina after meeting her daughters

NachoFor his part, he speculated: “It surely went in and out, that was not all that happened, because it was not possible to go through everything, but they could go in and out at times. Know you sometimes what was done? Well, I don’t know, I studied that, I don’t know if it’s done or not, but what I studied is that sometimes there were some minutes…” at this time PlutoTV’s transmission was cut off.

However, later they could all be seen chatting relaxed, and Romina giving details of what they experienced inside the sum: “I saw them…I wanted to keep them. .. and Feli, ‘why are you crying, mum? why are you crying, mom? And I told them that I had a stomach ache, that I missed them very much and that I loved them very much.

“There’s nothing missing, mum has to go back to work, because if mum doesn’t work she can’t buy you things,” the mother explained to the girls, while acknowledging: “Feli looked serious, like that , and her I wanted to take her to Caramel I said ‘goodbye’ to them and I kept kissing them, I didn’t want to leave them I turned around, I left and I didn’t have them anymore looked. And mine when I closed the door said ‘bye, mum’, and I didn’t say anything. I left”.

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