The underwater gas pipeline between Barcelona and Marseille that Spain, France and Portugal agreed on Thursday, known as BarMar, is an alternative to a link between Spain and Italy that was considered at the time, the Spanish Minister for Energy Transition, Teresa, said on Friday. Riverbank.

The gas pipeline, named BarMar, will connect the two ports that have large oil and gas terminals and will allow the transport of natural gas and green hydrogen between Spain and France, as well as the pooling of European liquefied natural gas capacity, as the region tries to divest itself of Russian gas after the Ukraine war.

The BarMar gas pipeline will replace an onshore gas pipeline project through the Pyrenees mountain range, called MidCat, which was promoted by Spain and opposed by France.

BarMar also replaces a submarine connection project between Barcelona and Livorno, in Italy, which was once considered for the same purpose, Ribera told Antena 3.

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