Adrián López Solís, Attorney General in Michoacán, reported that the State Attorney’s Office will request the collaboration of Interpol in the next few hours, given the possibility that both fugitives have abandoned or are trying to flee from Mexico.

The prosecutor revealed that the two alleged murderers were identified as Carlos Gerardo Sánchez Mendoza and Magdiel Urbina Chimal, 21 and 39 years old, respectively, against whom there are already arrest warrants for the crime of qualified homicide.

The FGE shared the search card for both criminal targets with prosecutors across the country, and in the next few hours it will be sent to the General Directorate of National Police Affairs.

“We are officially requesting the collaboration of the homologous authorities in the country for the dissemination of the identity card, and the same will be done before the General Directorate of National Police Affairs and Interpol, for the issuance of the red card, with the end of the search, location and detention of these subjects,” said the Michoacán prosecutor.

Armando Linares, director of the news portal Monitor Michoacán -based in the Michoacan municipality of Zitácuaro, adjacent to the State of Mexico-, was shot dead on March 15, outside his home.

On January 31, Armando Linares raised his voice for the murder of Roberto Toledo, a reporter and collaborator for Monitor Michoacán. The investigations into the crime of Roberto Toledo remain without progress.

Since the beginning of the year to date there have been seven reporters killed for their journalistic work, the same number as in 2021, according to the NGO Article 19.

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