Rafael Correa calls to vote for Andrés Arauz in the Ecuadorian elections

Rafael Correa calls to vote for Andrés Arauz in the Ecuadorian elections

The former president of Ecuador Rafael Correa asked this Sunday the vote for Andres Arauz, the Union for Hope candidate, whom he supports, in the second round of the presidential elections of the Latin American country that are held today.

“Voting has already started in Europe. My fraternal greetings to our migrants. Everyone to make the effort to vote, never for a banker, but for hope: Andrés Arauz President. Let’s get 50,000 votes ahead of him!” wrote the Ecuadorian politician on his Twitter profile, alluding to Arauz’s rival, financier Guillermo Lasso.

Rafael Correa he was president of Ecuador between 2007 and 2017, the year in which he was succeeded by Lenín Moreno, who has become his main political enemy.

Correa He is a fugitive from Ecuadorian justice, which has sentenced him to eight years in prison and political disqualification for bribery in the so-called “Bribery 2012-2016” case, which prevented him from accompanying Arauz as a candidate for the Vice Presidency. In his place, the journalist Carlos Rabascall concurs.

In recent years, the former president has resided in Brussels, although he is currently in Mexico.

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