The government of Dina Boluarte adds more than 50 deaths in the demonstrations.

He purple party was part of the political formations convened by the President of the Republic, To Boluartefor the round of dialogues in government palace finding a way out of the serious political crisis. At the end of this meeting, the leaders of this group revealed some details about this appointment.

In dialogue with Radio Exitosa, the president of the violets, Luis Durananunció that Boluarte Zegarra confirmed them that su gestión no era de transición y, por el contrario, recalcó que gobernará hasta el 2026 a pesar de que antes mencionó that estaba dispuesta ceder en esta pretension por las protestas sociales que hay en Lima y regions du country.

“She answered me at length, she argued, emphasizing three things: First, that she constitutes a constitutional government, which is true (…) second thing she told us, it is that she had sworn to be president until the year 2026. Thirdly, firstly, she told us that she had no intention of resigning, that she was going to govern until the year 2026, at unless Congress gives the measure to advance the elections, which she herself had proposed at the start of her government,” Durán said.

The purple leader added that the president pointed out that advancing the general election 2023 is on the ground Congress of the Republic. However, as we know, last Friday the legislature ended without this file being able to be treated as a priority.

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