Roads blocked in Puno. (Andean)

The city of A lot of It remains on red alert after the latest violent demonstrations in this area of ​​​​southern Peru. From March 1several towns again generated shutdowns, roadblocks and protests in the Juliaca area, again causing development to halt and chaos and disorder.

Despite the fact that many civil organizations declared that these marches would be peaceful, last Saturday it was recorded that in the city of Juli, A lot ofvarious acts of vandalism where police and demonstrators had to clash.

were close to 300 Protestants that they arrived at police headquarters and set it on fire in order to suppress the police officers, which was dismissed by many for being irresponsible and for endangering the lives of innocent people.


By a declaration of Ministry of Interior and DefenseThey mentioned that despite the police trying to talk to the community to stop the violence, they ignored them and started throwing rocks, sticks and other blunt objects at them to attack them.

There were 43 soldiers in the unit, who, outnumbered by the extremists, were forced out of the facility. The attack on the police station injured 10 policemen, who were evacuated in a military helicopter, the statement said.

It was not only the attack on the police station, there was also another act of vandalism in this city, and that is that the demonstrators also attacked the Juli courthousetaking advantage of the fact that the police were under attack at their headquarters.

According to the archives, these demonstrators entered the premises of the judiciary and destroyed infrastructure, furniture and even archives which then set fire.


A mixed court and a lawyer justice of the peace operated in these two-storey premises. The flames of the fire made this place uninhabitable. The incident was considered more damaging than that recorded at the judicial headquarters of Ilave, last January.

By a statement from the Ministry of Interior and Defense, these cases of violence in which the integrity of the Peruvian National Police was endangered by burning down the police station in Juli sector have been categorically dismissed.

“We strongly condemn the criminal attack on the Juli District Police Station, province of Chucuicito, in Puno, perpetrated by violent extremists who set fire to part of said police station, seriously endangering the lives of 43 members of our National Police who were inside,” the statement said.

“Around 11:40 a.m., around 300 violent militants began the attack on the aforementioned police station, throwing rocks and other blunt objects. Despite the fact that the officer in charge of the police station tried to establish a dialogue, the attackers continued their acts of violence for more than three hours,” the agencies added.


Demonstrations in the city of Julyin the province of chucuicito (Puno region), injured 18 this Saturday following clashes between demonstrators and National police and army.

There Chucuicito Health Network reported that after the violent events and given the clash of demonstrators against the PNP, all the injured were released, except for one woman who is to be observed. However, he is out of danger.

Health Network director Luis Ponce reported that Julia Mamani, 62, was admitted to hospital Raphael Ortiz Rabines with a diagnosis of impact injury to the right foot.

The eight civilians and 10 military personnel were released before midnight Saturday because their injuries were not serious, although it was initially stated that one of the injured, Doodle Shepherd Ticona (48)presented a wound to the right arm by a projectile of firearm (PAF).

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