In September, 572 protests were recorded in Venezuela, which represents a decrease of 14% compared to August, when 667 claims were registered in the streets, according to a report by the NGO Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict (OVCS) released this Friday.

The organization highlighted the 111 protests organized by public workers to demand the repeal of an instruction that reduced their labor benefits, in addition to demanding income equivalent to the price of the basic food basket, whose cost exceeds 400 dollars, when the minimum wage is of 15.

Retirees and pensioners participated in at least a hundred demonstrations to demand the guarantee of the right to social security, pensions and pensions adjusted to the cost of the basic basket and access to health services and adequate food.

Protests by chronic patients due to equipment failures and lack of treatment were also documented, while some citizens “denounced the increase in endemic diseases as a result of the unhealthiness of their communities.”

On the other hand, trade unionists and human rights defenders demanded the release of workers “arbitrarily detained last July”, while denouncing the “increase in attacks, intimidation and arbitrary detentions of people who demand the guarantee of their rights. humans”.

In addition, in September, at least 56 protests were registered to denounce failures in the electrical service, 50 demanding quality and continuity in the provision of drinking water service and 12 due to the difficulties in guaranteeing access to domestic gas.

With the September protests, there are 5,609 demonstrations in the first nine months of 2022, always according to the organization.

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