This Wednesday, May 26, through the hashtags “Power Prieto” and “Where there is prietura there is flavor”, various national actors and actresses showed the pride of having brown skin.

Women and men who develop in the entertainment and show business were in favor of the trend who positioned itself on Twitter to defend skin color.

And it is that historically, brown actors and actresses  have faced stereotypes of the roles that a person with brown skin can play in series and movies.

Actors like Tenoch Huerta have denounced that the industry has normalized dark-skinned artists playing the roles of thieves, janitors, farmers, and characters with low social status.

It should be noted that in this area there are very talented dark actors and actresses, but it is precisely these prejudices that do not allow them to stand out.

The Bell under the hashtag Black Power and Where There Is Prietura Hay Sabrosura launched on Twitter, it was Taken by various Mexican actors and actresses.

Maya Zapata in the series "I'm your fan" (IG: soytufanmexico)

Maya Zapata in the series “Soy Tu Fan”.

These are some of the participants in the campaign that fights against racism in the world of acting.

Yalitza Aparicio

Ianis Guerrero

Tenoch Huerta

Mabel chain

Cuauhtli Jimenez

Luis Fernado Peña

Maya zapata

The first to send a message was Yalitza Aparicio, an actress nominated for an Oscar for the film “Roma”, directed by Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón.

“There are many of us who are proud of our skin color”, Aparicio wrote on his personal Twitter account.

Actor Ianis Guerrero joined the movement and asked the community for respect, love and better working conditions.

Actor Tenoch Huerta on Sunday, May 12, 2019, at the Platino Awards ceremony at Xcaret Park, Playa del Carmen, in the Riviera Maya (Mexico). EFE / Alonso Cupul / Archive

Actor Tenoch Huerta.

“Let’s look at each other with love and joy”, Guerrero wrote on his Twitter account.

Among the projects in which Ianis Guerrero has participated are: We the Nobles, Casa Caracol, Son of a family, Almost Divas and Club de Cuervos.

Ianis participated in We the noble as ‘Lucho’ the son of a domestic worker who ‘Bárbara Noble’ discriminates against and does not recognize her love for him.

Mabel chain joined the pronouncement in favor of the Black Power and against racism.

“The world is more beautiful when the colors coexist and are respected, how beautiful it is to inhabit the skin,” said Cadena on social networks, whose work was reflected in the Netflix project the “Dance of the 41” .

Cuauhtli Jimenez has participated in series and soap operas that have managed to position him in the artistic world.

His most famous participation has been in The Lord of the heavens, where he played the character of ‘Parra’.

“We are not few, we are a shit,” was the message that Mayra Zapata sent on social networks.

Recently Maya zapata starred as Selena Quintanilla in her biographical series “Selena’s Secret.”

However, the Mexican actress has managed to have a great participation in the cinema, theater and national television.

In this way some artists joined the campaign Black Power that fights against the discrimination of people because of their skin color.

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