Pope Francis recalled this Wednesday (03.23.2022) the victims and displaced by the conflict in Ukraine and assured that “buying weapons and manufacturing them is not the solution”, but that we must “work together for peace”.

“We remember the victims of the war, the news of displaced people, those who flee, dead people, wounded people and so many fallen soldiers, from one side and the other. It is news of death. We ask the Lord of life to free us from this death that is war,” Francis said in a new call for an end to the war in Ukraine, provoked after the Russian invasion.

“Everything is lost with war”, lamented the Supreme Pontiff, “in a war there is no victory, everything is defeated”.

He also asked to pray “so that the rulers understand that buying weapons and manufacturing them is not the solution to the problem.”

“The solution is to work together for peace and, as the Bible says, to make weapons instruments of peace,” Francis said.

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