Patricia Bullrich and Oscar Moscariello, allies within the PRO

The internal battle that runs through Together for change by the electoral system continues to be marked by the confrontation between the “hawks” and the “pigeons”: the former are referenced in Mauricio Macri and have as presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich; on the contrary, the most dialogued wing of the space rises behind the figure of Horace Rodriguez Larretawho also aspires to reach the Casa Rosada.

In this context, the project of the former security minister of the Nation added in the last hours the formal endorsement by the Democratic Progressive Party.

“I consider that you are the only one person you think of seriously solve big problems of the country: the insecurity and violence, drug trafficking, unemployment and the reformulation of the state so that politics does not continue to eat away at the pockets of the productive sectors,” argued Oscar Moscariellogeneral secretary of the historical political space.

The presidential candidate received the leader of the Democratic Progressive Party in her office and both formalized the agreement there, with the usual photo that proves the meeting. This pact must be ratified by progressive democrats in a Congress which will take place on May 20.

After the conversation, Moscariello He expressed that it is an obligation of politics to help citizens live in dignity and in peace. “At the same time, we have to be careful to bring Argentina to an important and competitive place in the world,” he said.

At the end of the meeting, Bullrich He also shared the news on social media: “The Democratic Progressive Party is a century-old group that deeply and strongly embraces, like us, the ideas of freedom and progress. Thank you Oscar Moscariello for your support and that of the party!”.

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