From the Congress of the Republic, parliamentarian Susel Paredes slipped the idea that Benavides’ investigations had been plagiarized.

In addition to questions about his actions by the Public ministerthe national prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, is criticized for not sharing the place where she studied or the content of the theses she used to obtain her master’s and doctoral degrees. Although these have been evaluated by the Peruvian University of Wings (UAP)the house of studies denied that she had attended classes there.

On April 13, the rector of the university not dismissed by Sundu, Alejandro Cruzata, assured that the lawyer was part of the student body between 2008 and 2009, but did not take postgraduate courses at Alas Peruanas. “This former student made her master’s degree not at Alas Peruanas University, and she did not do her doctorate at Alas Peruanas University,” she said during a press conference during which she stressed that the institution does not considers her not as a prosecutor, but as an alumnus.

According to Cruzata, master’s and doctoral studies were developed at San Martín de Porres University (USMP) between 1994 and 1995 and 2001 and 2002. Although Benavides was part of the student body, the university points out that these courses they are part of a refresher program that the current Public Prosecutor had to follow to obtain the title many years after completing the course.

Patricia Benavides obtained the doctor's degree with a work entitled
Patricia Benavides obtained the doctor’s degree with a work entitled “The principle of opportunity in the preliminary investigation and its application in torts of wrongful injury”. (Express)

The rector of Alas Peruanas University pointed out that in the past, students were allowed to take courses in other houses of study and defend their theses in another. Thus, at UAP, Benavides would have completed thesis 1, thesis 2, thesis 3 and thesis 4. In this case, he took other advanced courses, “but these are not master’s or doctoral program. They need to be ironed out or brought up to date,” explained the rector.

At the end of March, the Alas Peruanas University indicated that the theses of the current prosecutor of the Nation, Patricia Benavides, had disappeared. “We have made every effort to be able to locate the thesis and we have not located it. (…) It must exist, but in any case, you could ask the prosecutor himself,” said the secretary general of the university to whom the Sunedu license was refused.

“The maintenance according to the new civil legislation in Peru” would have been the title of the thesis presented by Benavides to obtain a master’s degree. The doctoral dissertation, meanwhile, was titled “The Opportunity Principle in Preliminary Investigation and Its Application in Wrongful Injury Torts,” and was presented in December 2009, according to Sunedu. However, at the end of this note, the location of these investigations is unknown.

Alas Peruanas University has confirmed the disappearance of Patricia Benavides' thesis.
Alas Peruanas University has confirmed the disappearance of Patricia Benavides’ thesis.

The public prosecutor has taken steps to open an investigation against the house of studies. This will last 60 days and mentions the alleged crime of resistance or disobedience to authority by not delivering the doctoral thesis of Patricia Benavides. Questions about the existence of the documents grew when jurors denied remembering them.

From the Congress of the Republic, parliamentarian Susel Paredes slipped the idea that Benavides’ investigations had been plagiarized. “In my team, we said, ‘why are they saying that? Let’s check.’ Another thing that made us think is that (Benavides) studied at the University of Lima, he did his master’s and doctoral studies in San Martín and with these certificates he goes to UAP to do a sort of curriculum,” he said.

From her Twitter account, the ungrouped deputy indicated that the current prosecutor of the Nation would have failed to report on her visit to the Alas Peruanas University. On this occasion, he said that he took English lessons for six months and two in Quechua.

In addition, Susel Paredes assured that the National Prosecutor Patricia Benavides it was ratified without demonstrating that he obtained a degree at the Universidad Alas Peruanas (UAP) by taking refresher courses.

Via her official Twitter account, the member outside the group Susel Paredes He also pointed out that to obtain a doctorate, proof of knowledge of two foreign languages ​​is required.

However, the prosecutor Patricia Benavides He said he only studied 6 months of English and 2 months of Quechua.

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