On the eighth date of the Colombia – Liga Betplay I 2023 tournament, only one goal reached the Volcánicos to beat Tricolor at home. The visit scored the game’s only goal after 28 minutes of the first half, through Camilo Ayala. After an individual movement on the left, the midfielder imposed himself in the large area and fired a final shot to beat the rival goalkeeper.

Pasto was close to twisting the result with two shots from Vicente Prado hitting the post.

The party figure was Camilo Ayala. Pasto’s midfielder scored 1 goal, made 40 correct passes, recovered 9 balls and looked for the opposing goal with 2 shots.

Yilson Rosales was also relevant. The Pasto defender was important by removing 5 balls and leaving 4 balls out of the danger zone.

In the 36th minute of the first leg, midfielder Sherman Cárdenas lifted the crowd with a pipe to Johan Caicedo.

It was a closed duel, marked by interruptions and faults. There were several warned: Marlon Piedrahita, Billy Arce, Christian Mafla and Santiago Jiménez.

Once Caldas strategist Pedro Sarmiento stopped the starting XI with a 4-5-1 formation with Éder Chaux in goal; Marlon Piedrahita, Fáiner Torijano, Andrés Correa and Alejandro Artunduaga on the defensive line; Juan David Rodríguez, Dannovi Quiñonez, David Lemos, Sherman Cárdenas and Luis Miranda in the middle; and Dayro Moreno in attack.

For their part, the elected officials of Flabio Torres entered the field with a 4-3-3 scheme with Diego Martínez under the three sticks; Yilson Rosales, Cristian Tovar, Jesús Figueroa and Christian Mafla in defence; Johan Caicedo, Camilo Ayala and Vicente Prado in midfield; and Adrián Estacio, Edwar López and Billy Arce in front.

The judge chosen to officiate the match at Palogrande Stadium was Edwin Trujillo Castro.

For the next date, the Habs will act as visitors against Huila and the Volcánicos will host Deportivo Cali.

With this result, the animator accumulates 8 points throughout the competition and occupies the thirteenth place. For its part, the visit adds 10 units and is in ninth place.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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