In a fast-paced world, choosing what to watch has become a daunting task. (Infobase)

The first film screening in history took place on December 28, 1895 in Paris, a historic event attended by 35 people and produced by the Lumière brothers. In the new millennium, far from that time, the way of making and watching cinema has been totally transformed, the proof is Paramount+.

In comparison, now it is no longer necessary to go to a square or to the cinema to enjoy moviesbecause with the advancement of technology and the arrival of streaming platforms, moviegoers have obtained many advantages, like enjoying different plots and genres just a click away and no need to wonder how to download video from facebook.

Currently, not only 500 one-minute films are available, as they were then, but Paramount+ and its competitors have a extensive catalog of productions, so the dilemma now is which titles to watch.

However, in this wave of novelties, there are films that have managed to stand out and position themselves in the public’s taste. Then we leave you most popular list of Paramount+ United States.

1. Top Gun: Maverick

After more than 30 years of service as one of the Navy’s finest airmen, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell finds himself where he always wanted to be, pushing the boundaries as a serious test pilot and dodging range. of his range that wouldn’t let him. I would let it fly by putting it on the ground. While forming a detachment of Top Gun graduates for a specialized mission, Maverick meets Lieutenant Bradley Bradshaw, the son of his late friend “Goose”.

2. Babylon

Set in 1920s Los Angeles, it tells a story of ambition and outrageous excess that traces the rise and fall of several characters during a time of rampant decadence and depravity in early Hollywood.

3. Thirst for revenge

An ex-con (Dwayne Johnson) wants to avenge his brother’s death, which happened some time ago when they both had a stroke. However, a veteran cop (Billy Bob Thornton), while following in his footsteps, attempts to find out who is guilty of the murder.

4. Devotion. a hero story

Based on real events. In 1950, as the Cold War threatens international peace, two young pilots from different worlds are accepted into an elite squadron for training: one is Tom Hudner (Glen Powell), an impeccable soldier. The other is Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors), a talented pilot, who will become the first African-American to fly in combat for the United States Navy. Inducted into the VF-32 squadron together, Tom and Jesse are pushed to the limit to become the best fighter pilots. where they will forge a solid friendship.

5. Scream Queens

Series in the style of “American Horror Story”, in which each season will develop a different story and characters. In the first, the story of a college campus will be told where a series of mass murders suddenly begins to take place.

6. Captive Nation

Set in a Chicago neighborhood nearly a decade after an occupation by an alien force, “Captive Nation” explores life on both sides of the conflict: collaborationists and dissidents. 10 years ago, aliens took the planet from humans. Today, a group of rebels will try to start taking it back.

7. Stir up fury

H (Jason Statham) is the mysterious guy who just joined an armored company as a security guard. During an attempted heist on his truck, he surprises his teammates by displaying the skills of a professional soldier, leaving the rest of the team wondering who he really is and where he came from. The real reason H is seeking a reckoning will soon become clear.

8. The Lost City

A lonely traveling novelist, inspired by the cover of her latest book, becomes embroiled in an attempted kidnapping that will lead them both on a fierce jungle adventure.

9. Paw Patrol: The Movie

Paw Patrol is on the rise. When Humdinger, his greatest rival, becomes mayor of nearby Adventure City and begins to wreak havoc, Ryder and the heroic pups embark on this new challenge. As one of the puppies must come to terms with its past in Adventure City, the team finds help in a new ally, the intelligent dachshund Liberty. Together and armed with exciting new gadgets and gear, the Paw Patrol fights to save the citizens of Adventure City.

10. Smile

After witnessing a strange and traumatic incident with a patient, Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) begins to experience terrifying events that she cannot explain. As overwhelming fear begins to affect every aspect of her life, Rose will be forced to confront her troubled past in order to survive and escape her terrifying new reality.

*Some titles may be repeated in the ranking because they are different episodes or seasons, likewise, they may not have a description because the platform does not provide them.

Paramount is looking to position itself among streaming platforms (Screenshot/
Paramount is looking to position itself among streaming platforms (Screenshot/

Formerly known as CBS All Access, Paramount+ is a streaming service which is operated by Paramount Streaming, a subsidiary of Paramount Global, which offers original content or recently aired CBS programs.

The service was rebranded as Paramount+ on March 4, 2021, after the Merger of CBS and Viacomwhich also gave way to its expansion into Latin American countries as well as the Canadian, Nordic and Australian markets.

The service offers new and already famous titles such as The Real Criminal Minds, Behind the Music, The Top 40 of MTV, South Park, a BET cover The Game, Lioness, The Offer; while it had the release of movies 45 days after release like A Quiet Place Part II Top Gun: Maverick and Paw Patrol: The Movie.

Currently its catalog includes films, series, documentaries produced by the channels Paramount Pictures, ViacomCBS, Metro-Golswyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures, The Samuel Goldwyn Company and CBS Films. It also broadcasts the matches of National Women’s Soccer Leagueas well as selected UEFA Champions League and Europa League broadcasts.

According to figures revealed by the company itself, in the first half of 2022, the streaming platform had 43 million subscriberswhich could reach 49 million if the platform had not been withdrawn from Russia after the armed conflict with Ukraine.

Paramount+’s growth is vital for ViacomCBS, a cable TV company that has taken a beating in its numbers over the past decade.

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