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gender violence It is a sad reality that in attempting against the life of ten women one day in Mexico, exceeds the capacity of governments at all levels to reduce this problem which, in 2022, claimed the lives of 947 women for femicide; and another 3,754 for intentional homicides.

However, for the National Action Party (PAN) to this worrying context is added an aggravating circumstance perpetrated by the Executive Power: the disqualifications of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has launched feminist contingents, particularly within the framework of the March 8, International Women’s Day.

An example of this dates back to The morning of September 29, 2021, when he hinted that behind the current feminist protests they would participate”conservative women“whose sole purpose in sympathizing with the cause is “to affect us (the government) – this, after referring to “acts of vandalism” perpetrated against government buildings or businesses.

“These acts of violence, I would say, are a new phenomenon that has to do with the beginning of our government. that is why until I doubt its authenticity“, he commented from the National Palace and disqualified “the use of violence” for the demonstrations in favor of women’s rights.

(REUTERS/Henry Romero)
(REUTERS/Henry Romero)

Thus, the albiazul bench pointed out that these reproaches and others of President Tabasco are based on “macho and outdated prejudices”. The same who, he endorsed, converted to the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), the party of López Obrador, as “enemy of the cause of women”.

“Based on macho and outdated prejudices, the Morena government has become an enemy of the cause of women. Not only did he turn his back on them, he verbally abused them to influence fear and silence their protests”.

In this sense, the leader of militancy, Marko Cortesasserted that the administration’s hostile rhetoric of the so-called Fourth Transformation (4T) has been the main instigator of a “harmful climate for women” not only for physical violence, but also for psychological, economic, property, political and virtual violence.

“Women in the networks suffer from harassment, threats, dissemination of private materialextortion, defamation, impersonation, while the government continues idly by,” he said in a statement.

“Presidential remarks against women’s movements, through their influence and penetration, have undoubtedly influenced the creation of a harmful climate for women.”

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After exposing this context, Cortés Mendoza called for the resumption of programs that would have disappeared or weakened under the Morenista administration, such as child care centers, shelters to care for women victims of violence and legal and psychological care centres.

The latter, due to the latest reproach to López Obrador for his administration’s lack of attention to mental health effects victims, and the female population in general, stemming from the constant femicides, murders and rapes.

“If we really want a Mexico without violence against women, it is essential to implement public policies that promote the best development of women in all its stages, promote greater equity in the economic and work, as well as banish impunity”, declared the Head of the PAN cut short; but not without first highlighting the actions of this nature promoted by blue and white governments, such as Chihuahua, Aguascalientes, Querétaro or Guanajuato.

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